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Synonyms for advise



Synonyms for advise

to give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to impart information to

Synonyms for advise

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When shopping for a CRM solution, he advises, schools should make sure the system is used by more than one functional group.
Remove diseased branches and twigs, advises a checklist from Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park.
Feldman advises his clients to provide forecasts at the beginning of the quarter and then to avoid any subsequent confirmation or denial of analysts' estimates.
If Bremer's prediction sounds self-serving, given that his firm advises companies on security, consider the figures he cites from the State Department's annual Report on Global Terrorism for 2001: Over the past 30 years, 80 percent of all terrorist attacks at American targets were aimed at businesses.
You need to be prepared to advise anyone at the company," Lucier says.
Specifically, it was agreed that USMTM would administer assistance under the terms of the Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949 and the Mutual Security Act of 1951 to assist and advise Saudi Arabian armed forces with respect to plans, organization, administrative principles, and training methods.
The manual also advises agents on the steps necessary to analyze the remaining factors: the contractual terms, economic conditions, products produced and services performed.
One form, to be used when criminal prosecution is contemplated, should advise employees that they have the right to remain silent and that their cooperation is voluntary.
National Pest Management Association Advises Better Pest Control Practices
DiCapua advises to observe it, inspect it, and if it does become friable, encapsulate it, enclose it or remove it.
Specifically, the ISP advises agents to examine whether the following criteria can be substantiated by the taxpayer claiming the deduction.
Kim advises clients on legal, legislative and regulatory issues in food, drug and device (FDA) law, Medicare and Medicaid coverage and reimbursement, biodefense and pandemic preparedness, and the conduct of clinical research.
Finally, it advises a search for informal arrangements under which hospitals transfer something of value to "physician group practices or clinics" in exchange for referrals.
She advises clients on matters involving employee benefits, with a particular emphasis on ERISA's fiduciary rules.