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someone who receives advice

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Similar to Jones and Gordon (1972), our participants provided likability ratings after they were exposed to one of two scripts of a conversation between an advisor and an advisee (i.e., the target) in which the advisee mentioned a previous positive or negative academic incident.
One advisee reported having "a team of advisors" (ID217) and another said that he benefitted by seeing all committee members as advisors and getting as much feedback as possible (ID116).
As the first author's advisee from the aforementioned vignette stated, "None of my colleagues in the master's program were doing more than taking the required research course.
Wrench and Punyanunt (2004) found that the extent to which advisees feels believe they are being mentored was positively related to advisee's perceptions of their advisor's communication competence and perceived credibility.
The Impact of Advisor Mentoring Styles on Black Female Advisees at Predominantly White Institutions.
Through the individual learning and understanding between mentor and mentees or advisor and advisee, these inclusive spaces of learning and knowing can be carved out for change amongst those who have been traditionally silenced and oppressed.
Thus, pessimists with a high need of cognitive closure in the negative disclosure condition were predicted to rate the advisee the lowest out of all the conditions, while optimists with a high need in the positive disclosure condition were predicted to give the highest likability ratings.
Finally, we may simply fail to be "present" to the advisee (Gaita 268ff).
"Negotiating seems to be part of that secret knowledge passed from adviser to advisee. Some people get it and some don't get it."
And I must commend a new advisee, a 19-year-old lad I met recently who told me he, too, doesn't trust technology, especially computers.
Due to their work at a research-oriented university in Taiwan, the researcher has served as advisor to both graduates and undergraduates and has been involved in the often incomprehensible relationship between advisor and advisee. She, with more than 20 years of experience in counseling, perceived a power differential between advisors and advisees in graduate schools.
Champlin-Scharff (2010) contends that understanding each individual advisee can yield a more effective advising outcome.
Advisee Ben Steinbauer, for instance, was shown how to shape his filmmaking assignments to crescendo with what would become acclaimed doc "Winnebago Man." "It was practical, distilled advice from a mentor that made all the difference," Steinbauer says.
Among these factors may include the students' time or availability to carry on the research process, considering the fact that many of them are workers; the students' writing skill, which is a requisite skill for research; the students' strong motivation to pursue the research work, which has with it a number of challenges that will bring to test the students' resolve; the students' grasp of the research problem and the research processes, a lack of which may confuse and soon frustrate the students leading them to give up writing; and the quality of assistance provided by a thesis adviser to a thesis advisee, which puts the whole research process in a perspective.