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someone who receives advice

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One such advisee is Bradley (Greg Kinnear), who runs the local coffee shop.
Focus groups with pre-major and major students and faculty advisors/mentor revealed their perceptions of what constitutes a good faculty advisor/mentor and good student advisee (Table 8).
It is important that there be a match between advisor and advisee regarding topic of interest, expectations about progress and timelines, and clarity of roles (Gordon, 2003).
Ben Henwood, another doctoral advisee of mine, is interested in how case managers work with homeless people with serious mental illness.
The school will emphasize project-based learning, arts integration and mixed-grade advisee classes for social problem-solving and decision-making.
Eager to help his advisee, the adviser arranges a meeting with a retired professor who lives in a building that has been declared uninhabitable.
If you do such and such] I, your humble advisee and Honors chickie would be eternally indebted to you (I am already your devoted servant, but everyone could use a little more abject devotion every now and again).
Terry Mills ('81,'82), an advisee who pursued the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), was flattered when Lancaster included his CAS project, the University of Illinois Film Center Collection Use Study, in three of his books (If You Want to Evaluate Your Library; The Measurement and Evaluation of Library Services, 2nd edition, and Technology and Management in Library and Information Services).
The seemingly far more complicated situation with Carl Icahn's advisee in his contest at Time Warner, on the other hand, seems to have been interpreted as nothing more than a clever way of acquiring an interest in the most shares for the least risk and cost.
Moreover, advisors' sensitivity to cultural issues and willingness to learn about the culture of their advisee can have a profound impact on students.
To be sure, the lessons identified in this article--appreciation of history, the value of embedding oneself in advisee operations, and fostering a sense of ownership in reform--apply to nation-building efforts elsewhere.
Whether due to an absence of chemistry or, as Plamen believed, an inability on Mateev's part to value an intellect and sensibility divergent from his own, advisor and advisee had maintained a controlled, civil, peevish relationship of the sort no one can enjoy.
Unlike probation officers and parents, whose interests may significantly diverge from those of a juvenile suspect, a lawyer has a more clearly defined role relative to his advisee client, regardless of whether this client is an adult or juvenile.
Typically, such advice arises out of questions and concerns initiated by the advisee.
Graduate faculty have many obligations and often have more than one advisee, so you have to really work your end of the relationship.