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someone who receives advice

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Thus, pessimists with a high need of cognitive closure in the negative disclosure condition were predicted to rate the advisee the lowest out of all the conditions, while optimists with a high need in the positive disclosure condition were predicted to give the highest likability ratings.
An advisor might be tempted to think of an advisee as "just another pre-med student," just another common sort of case to handle.
Similarly, counselor educators can broach issues of cultural difference rather than waiting for the advisee to initiate these conversations, because they hold that position of authority and privilege in their role of evaluator (Day-Vines et al.
This correlation suggests that an advisor might have a communication style or personality type at odds with the advisee.
Internationally, after a revision of the literature on tutoring in the practicum, Cid Sabucedo, Perez Abellas, and Sarmiento Campos (2011) found that tutors are essential for advisees as they provide support to their professional development and help them to reflect and socialize their experience.
Given most science and engineering students work closely with their laboratory colleagues, some advisors have turned to their doctoral (or post-doctoral) advisees to provide support to their master's students.
Academic advisors must make sure this process is consistent, user friendly, efficient, effective and one in which the advisees believe to be useful.
Though we've diligently put those critiques to work during the last sixty years, humanist epistemology prevails and continues to fail as is evident in the exquisitely epistemological relation of university supervisor and doctoral advisee.
Among these factors may include the students' time or availability to carry on the research process, considering the fact that many of them are workers; the students' writing skill, which is a requisite skill for research; the students' strong motivation to pursue the research work, which has with it a number of challenges that will bring to test the students' resolve; the students' grasp of the research problem and the research processes, a lack of which may confuse and soon frustrate the students leading them to give up writing; and the quality of assistance provided by a thesis adviser to a thesis advisee, which puts the whole research process in a perspective.
Ninety-three complete and six partial questionnaires were received for the advisee group, for a response rate of approximately 32%.
When identifying an advisor for graduate school, the graduate student should consider various factors associated with becoming an advisee in a university's department of agricultural leadership, education, communications, and extension.
Janice Dunn also joined SELCO as a financial advisee Dunn will be available to assist clients with their investment and retirement needs from her office in the Santa Clara branch.
Numerous skills are critical for successful academic advising, among which is the regular faculty-student contact or the one-to-one relationship between the advisee and advisor, which provides an opportunity for the student to build a personal link with the institution (Heisserer 2002).