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Synonyms for advise



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Synonyms for advise

to give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to impart information to

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Synonyms for advise

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* Trains and advises the team in the use of biometric and forensic equipment used in tactical site exploitation.
Likewise our results support recent studies by Yarbrough (2002) and O'Banion (2012) wherein the active involvement of both advisees and advisors is deemed the most important factor in a successful advising program.
Headache & fever Your pharmacy team can advise on suitable treatments and will talk you through the correct dosage that you should take.
* Can the attorney advise the client to change the privacy settings on the client's social media accounts so that information is removed from the public view?
To meet that challenge, 571 and 818 MSAS assess, train, and advise partner nation air forces in those critical agile combat support activities (command and control, communications, air operations, aerial port, aircraft maintenance, aeromedical evacuation, and support functions) that assist in aviation enterprise development and open the door to economic development and future aviation operations.
This shows once again that the MoU reflects the practice of the majority of practitioners, although a significant minority advise two years in the absence of any problems.
BT Advise is led by Luis Alvarez, president of BT Global Services, and Ray Stanton, vice president of BT Advise in BT Global Services.
Wayne Sampson, Trippi said, who really helped coordinate the first meeting which would result in establishing ADVISE in town.
"The reality is that plan sponsors are not going to be experts on federal pension law or tax law, and for that reason they need to seek and rely on outsiders to advise them," says Robert Doyle, the DOL's director of regulations and interpretations.
The Anglican church's rainmakers--financial consultants across the country who advise potential donors on various methods of giving--met near Toronto in September to plan strategy for the national church's new funding plan called Letting Down the Nets.
I strongly suggest that the DAV uses our vast membership to directly advise members of Congress that voting for legislation detrimental to our veterans will result in the DAV advising its members not to support that person for election or re-election.
The article "Independent Contractor or Not" (JofA, May04, page 89), while addressing a real issue on which many CPAs must regularly advise their clients, is a prime example of where oftentimes JofA articles fall short and thus become of limited value.
This chapter does not just advise on advising but does a dissection of the literary devices in horror and allows the librarian to understand what this literature is about, how it moves readers, what the types are, and who will enjoy them.
The inspection objectives and inspection procedures have been developed to focus on a BHC's oversight responsibilities for its bank and nonbank subsidiaries that advise investment funds.
"I wouldn't advise being a small fish in a big pond," says Prang, who has worked with several California-based software developers with information technology operations in India, including his latest company in Saratoga, Calif.