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Synonyms for advisable

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Synonyms for advisable

worth doing, especially for practical reasons

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Antonyms for advisable

worthy of being recommended or suggested

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The challenges (as may be alluded to above) in question instead, should be treated, as minor road humps wherein (any scholar willing to display, the required effort and passion to learn more, about thy Afrikan/Afrocentric-self), with possible hindrance(s) notwithstanding, should eventually, overcome the placed obstacles, in whatever form, in which they may have been found, and the removal of any obstacles, which may advisably, not be read as relevant, should be read as based on one's subjectivity.
Advisably, one of the biggest advantages associated with the turnkey ATM solution is the development of a level playing field wherein the small and microfinance banks will also be able to offer e-banking products and services to the consumers on a large scale which otherwise may not be possible.
Primary care providers usually and advisably, and working in conjunction with pediatric endocrinologists, are responsible for serum testing of TSH and free T4 concentrations to determine adequacy of thyroid replacement and adherence to pharmacotherapy.
This suggests that the discovery of a causality scale for every factor, advisably supported by scientific evidence, will lead to the formulation of more specific treatments.
Today both theoreticians and practitioners pay more attention to real estate market; in this context it is very topically and advisably to specify "real estate market" category, to analyze the current state of real estate market, and to identify its development tendencies.
The reader should advisably read both monographs concurrently as well as make use of other available ethnographic and linguistic sources (principally by Leroy, Franklin, Jebens, and Mary MacDonald) to concretise, deepen and diversify his/her ethnographic and linguistic perspective on the Kewa life-world.
But I use that word advisably, someone's lofty tales can make their way to your heart as quickly as Cupid's arrow.
As Shapiro (2009) noted, there are some specific circumstances where therapeutic interventions may advisably vary from research-based guidelines.
It is hightime that governments of all four provinces should seriously consult the system, but advisably within the existing frame of the system, instead initiating some adventures which may create uncertainty and disarray in the masses.
However, to date, HIV POCT has been, and is advisably, provided by members of staff experienced in working within the field of sexual health and who are aware of the need for adequate pre-test discussion in order to obtain informed consent from service users.
Advisably, this action might be balanced with appropriate compensation or revised remuneration for the foreign employee.
Respiratory function parameters are the primary physiological parameters that advisably should be always controlled by wearable monitoring systems.
Under Article 8(2) a Member State shall inform the European Medicines Agency, advisably at the end of the fourth year of market exclusivity, that at least one of the designation criteria may not be met, providing the rationale for its doubts and justifying data.
We use the terms natural history and naturalist deliberately and advisably to highlight the particular aspects of history we wish to focus on here.
Banker agreed with Ampuja that network optimization is one area that won't be scaled back, in part because dropping oil prices have allowed some companies, advisably or not, to breathe a little easier when it comes to transportation.