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Synonyms for advisable

Synonyms for advisable

worth doing, especially for practical reasons

Antonyms for advisable

worthy of being recommended or suggested

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The reader should advisably read both monographs concurrently as well as make use of other available ethnographic and linguistic sources (principally by Leroy, Franklin, Jebens, and Mary MacDonald) to concretise, deepen and diversify his/her ethnographic and linguistic perspective on the Kewa life-world.
But I use that word advisably, someone's lofty tales can make their way to your heart as quickly as Cupid's arrow.
As Shapiro (2009) noted, there are some specific circumstances where therapeutic interventions may advisably vary from research-based guidelines.
Socially responsible companies have already done much to improve the social and environmental consequences of their activities, but for more streamlined development of socially responsible innovations it is advisably to increase the awareness and the competence of business representatives, government which encourages companies to integrate CSR initiatives into business practice.
The Town midfielder, perhaps advisably, was substituted soon after.
The consolidation and rationalisation can advisably e carried through the process of merger, deletion and repeal of unnecessary legislation by fully identifying the needs of industrial society.
All Kuwaiti citizens and students have advisably to keep away from the sites of the planned rallies and follow the safety instructions set forth by local authorities, the Embassy said in a statement on Friday.
However, with memories of the previous bout of heat which claimed over 2,000 lives, the city's roads remained deserted in the afternoon as residents advisably preferred to remain indoors.