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Synonyms for advisable

Synonyms for advisable

worth doing, especially for practical reasons

Antonyms for advisable

worthy of being recommended or suggested

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Isn't it advisable that we first make ourselves good Muslims and then invite others to join us?
If the label says "non-toxic" or "for decorative purposes only" and does not include an ingredient list, not using the product on foods is advisable, the FDA suggested.
However, in order to know your true condition, it will be advisable for you to go for a Pregnancy Test as well as a Pelvic Ultrasound Examination.
Ceramic in general is not advisable. For example, some have paintings around them, so they are not to be used inside the microwave.
Download Myanmar sanctions over Rohingya crisis not advisable at this time: Tillerson NNA - S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday (Nov 15) that levying sanctions against Myanmar over the Rohingya crisis was "not advisable" at this time, but also called for a credible investigation into allegations of human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims after a meeting with Myanmars civilian and military leaders.
It is advisable to resist playing the game until the update is out in order to save your inventory.
Hindi advisable na i-announce (It's not advisable to announce it) because we will be telegraphing our moves,' De Lima said in a press conference.
It may be that some new blood from the world of business would be advisable if only in a advisable roll, this could save money for frontline services.
Neutering is advisable as the health benefits are significant, such as avoidance of womb cancer and infections.
Bruce Gordon, the WHO's coordinator of water, sanitation, hygiene and health, told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Geneva that testing for viruses "would be advisable" given it's known that human sewage pollution is rife in Rio's waters.
The former health secretary requested that all health boards suspend the use of mesh implants but outlined that, where clinically advisable and with the agreement of women and their clinicians, the procedures could still take place.
* Waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara is advisable to prevent panda eyes.
It is advisable for pregnant women to identify the early asthma symptoms as the disease's effects on pregnant women are appalling, Parents India magazine reported.
The material is some kind of canvas and it is not advisable to use this kind of material due to fire hazard and other harsh climate conditions as the case proved when the combined action of fire and wind damaged the canvas.
It is however advisable to join a Test Series ( at least one) that can help in gauging where we stand.