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the quality of being advisable

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The Inspector and the two detectives had a hurried discussion as to the advisability of allowing him to tell his story.
It is convincing evidence of the extent to which love had triumphed over prudence in George's soul that the advisability of lying hid in his hotel on the following day did not even cross his mind.
Rapidly we discussed the advisability of trying to stalk the game, but in the end dismissed it reluctantly.
It was evidently so refreshing to his worried spirit that it made him forget the advisability of a little caution with a complete stranger.
He was debating within himself the advisability of trying to find words to express this sentiment, when Mr Pickering, the modern Chingachgook, trod on another twig in the background and Elizabeth stopped abruptly with a little cry.
Chief Inspector Heat waited with the appearance of turning over in his mind all he had just said, but, as a matter of fact, considering the advisability of saying something more.
Lebeziatnikov, solely in order to discuss with you the hopeless and destitute position of your relative, Katerina Ivanovna (whose dinner I was unable to attend), and the advisability of getting up something of the nature of a subscription, lottery or the like, for her benefit.
The meeting participants emphasized the advisability of political and diplomatic cooperation in the C5+1 format and considered possible mechanisms to ensure and achieve sustainable development, stability and prosperity of the entire Central Asian region, the report said.
The iShares funds are not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold or promoted by MSCI Inc, nor does this company make any representation about the advisability of investing in the funds.
The special committee has not yet received a formal proposal from Musk regarding any Going Private Transaction nor has it reached any conclusion as to the advisability or feasibility of such a transaction.The special committee is composed of Brad Buss, Robyn Denholm and Linda Johnson Rice.
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP does not sponsor, endorse, or sell, and makes no representation as to the advisability of investing in, the Manulife ETFs.
"I have said from the start, if my client remains silence, I will drop his defence." Abdeslam's lawyers also questioned the advisability of 24-hour video surveillance of their client who is kept in solitary confinement.
That's why we were happy some days later to hear other radio-TV people discussing the advisability of continuing to use the word presumptive to refer to our next president, who used to be referred to as incoming.
Trump gave an off-topic response to what was really something of a trick questionone that Trump flunked "bigly." Ryan's question about the advisability of using tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons against ISIS operated on the premise that the U.S.