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a legal expression in the United States Constitution that allows the Senate to constrain the President's powers of appointment and treaty-making

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authoritatively define the original meaning of advice and consent.
after which constitutional advice and consent was explicitly created.
Constitution's provision for Senate advice and consent of judicial
Part II explores the history of advice and consent in
textual differences between the veto and advice and consent.
NATO is an alliance within which the seven future members invited at Prague, with the advice and consent of the Senate, will be able to join their colleagues and be welcomed to stand and be heard and not be told to sit and be silent.
I again urge this Committee to act swiftly to recommend that the Senate provide its advice and consent on the NATO Accession Protocols that will welcome our new allies into our Alliance.
Consequently, the committee was fully satisfied by the commitment of the President, delivered by the Secretary of State, that he would consider the admission of a new member to the pact as the conclusion of a new treaty with that member and would seek the advice and consent of the Senate to each such admission.
President Truman submitted the Protocol to the Senate for its advice and consent on January 10, 1952 (4); and the Senate approved the Protocol on February 7, 1952, by a vote of 73-2.
Before the Senate gave its advice and consent to the ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty on July 21, 1949, it received the President's assurance delivered by the Secretary of State during the hearings on the treaty that-- .
President Eisenhower submitted this Protocol to the Senate for its advice and consent on November 15, 1954, together with another protocol terminating the occupation regime in West Germany.
President Reagan transmitted this Protocol to the Senate for its advice and consent on January 26, 1982.
President Bush submitted the latter treaty to the Senate for its advice and consent on September 26, 1990 (19); and the Senate gave its consent by a vote of 90-0 on October 10, 1990.
Action on the advice and consent resolution means that the Madrid Protocol has cleared its final legislative hurdle.