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Synonyms for advice

Synonyms for advice

an opinion as to a decision or course of action

new information, especially about recent events and happenings

Words related to advice

a proposal for an appropriate course of action

References in classic literature ?
The advice was a confession -- a treasure, in fact, was that sincere confession of Mazarin.
It sounds very hard, but let me tell you this: I would give all I have in the world if someone had given me that advice when I was your age and I had taken it.
In my perplexity I did not know whose aid and advice to seek.
When Ojo read this sign aloud Scraps said laughingly: "Well, here is a place to get all the advice we want, maybe more than we need.
And now, Lady Ashby, I have one more piece of advice to offer you, which is, that you will not make an enemy of your mother-in-law.
In that case," Doctor Allday proceeded, "I want a word of advice.
You have asked for my advice, and I give you my advice.
Against Lady Montbarry's advice, he took the opportunity of renewing his addresses to Agnes.
A BEAUTIFUL Old Man, meeting a Sunday-school Pupil, laid his hand tenderly upon the lad's head, saying: "Listen, my son, to the words of the wise and heed the advice of the righteous.
I was so ashamed of my folly, when I thought of the past--so completely discouraged, so rudely shaken in my confidence in myself, when I thought of the future, that, for once in a way, I accepted sensible advice when it was offered to me.
I see I have neither advice nor help to expect from Mr.
I never gave advice unless I was quite sure of the results, and in this way compelled them to admit the wisdom of my views.
Pinocchio, not having listened to the good advice of the Talking Cricket, falls into the hands of the Assassins
Nay, to prevent any other person from seeing him in this light, it was agreed that the lady should proceed directly to Bath, and that his lordship should first go to London, and thence should go down to that place by the advice of his physicians.
You will regard the advice which I am going to as disinterested?