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Synonyms for advice

Synonyms for advice

an opinion as to a decision or course of action

new information, especially about recent events and happenings

Words related to advice

a proposal for an appropriate course of action

References in classic literature ?
When Ojo read this sign aloud Scraps said laughingly: "Well, here is a place to get all the advice we want, maybe more than we need.
Quietly folding up the prescription, she reminded him that he had proposed to ask her advice.
A total of PS35,368,140 was awarded to people in 2018/19 following advice and support from housing and social work services staff, the financial inclusion service and the Macmillan Lanarkshire service, which helps people affected by cancer.
The council's head of communities Lizanne McMurrich, pictured, said:"The benefits system is complex and, for many people, it can be very difficult to find out which benefits they are entitled to and how to apply, so the advice our staff provides is vital.
Release date- 27082019 - If AMP doesn't step up and lead with a solution for Australians to get the advice they need to protect and grow their wealth, who will?
Citizens Advice Wolverhampton has been offering free, impartial and independent advice to people in Wolverhampton since 1939.
Advice Chaser expands to Manhattan and surrounding areas, offering its free matching service to select investors
Some of the principles include; helping clients understand when advice is appropriate, the costs of transferring benefits and transparency in advice processes and outcomes.
The first-of-its-kind partnership, funded by SSEN, will involve four specialist energy advisors working in local Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).
Many psychology and communication theories speak to relationship advice. Within psychology, self-verification, enhancement, and expansion theories suggest that people typically seek affirming, positive feedback from others to bolster themselves and their social relationships (Ledbetter, Stassen-Ferrara, & Dowd, 2013; Murray, Holmes, & Griffin, 1996; North & Swann, 2009).
Discussions were analyzed for instances in which members provided advice; the advice was characterized for topical area and quality.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced just before Christmas that it was investigating 17 companies over the handling of their pensions advice to steelworkers.
Organisations like Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau and Renfrewshire Council's Advice Works provide free and confidential advice to residents on managing debt and what to do if big bills are expected.
adults who attended college (55%) say they received advice about their major from their informal social network -- friends, family and other contacts such as community leaders.