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an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report

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I posit that Influencers' posts may generally be repurposed for three genres of advertorial practice: dissemination, aggregation and instigation.
The advertorial, seen in August, compared Michelin's tyres with an unspecified budget brand, concluding that premium tyres improved safety and performance in wet conditions over the cheaper version.
BBC1's Coral advertorial Britain At The Bookies IT'S TERMINAL: At bookies paying lip service to the dangers of fixed-odds betting terminals.
An advertorial is not a form of editorial; it's an advertisement.
"I see a lot of magazines around where you wonder what is editorial and what is advertorial, and I suspect it is all advertorial.
Along with renewed interest in advertorial, other embedded content creeping into our daily media diet includes paid online posts, comments and reviews; digital publications that are presented to appear as independent media, but are sponsored; and sponsored content on social media.
One platform of mediated public diplomacy that most people are not aware of is the advertorial, a paid form of advertising that is similar in presentation to traditional newspaper content (Golan & Vitchaninova, 2013).
The project is in need of skilled tradespeople and suppliers who will receive promotion through exchanging expertise and supplies for advertising or purchasing an advertorial. All involved will be featured in the book, "Out Of The Box Living," which will document the transformation of the container and provide a comprehensive guide to sustainable living.
Your brief advertorial about Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania [Spring] inspired me and my family to visit this historic treasure.
In collaboration with Northern Ontario Business, our Equipment World team has compiled a brief overview of our company's history in this special anniversary edition advertorial. We hope you enjoy it!
He explains types of videos, such as the parody or comedy, the advertorial, the product demo, the vlog, the webisode, the tutorial, and the interview, then how to shoot with DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and iPhones; set up, prepare questions for, and interview a subject; work with sound and lighting for different indoor and outdoor scenarios; use multiple cameras; use editing programs such as Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Final Cut Pro X; and upload the video to YouTube, create a channel, market it with Twitter and Facebook, and earn money.
After reading this advertorial, I'm beginning to wonder whether the problem really is one of communications, only it's on the level of core values.
Features of the new website include: 'You've Got...', an open microphone where celebrities and public figures get 90 seconds to send messages to Canadians; spotlight advertorial; custom content module, an ad unit providing sponsorship capacity, in-line video and integrated content; as well as a cause marketing module, enabling partners to showcase their causes.