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The owners of illegal advertizing boards have also been directed to remove the illegal hoarding, bill boards, flaxes, advertizing boards or get No Objection Certificate (NOC).
Director General (DG) PHA has also convened a meeting of the advertisers on Thursday (April 02) to devise a strategy for removing illegal advertizing boards from the city, the spokesman said.
If it could do so, Irwin argued in the alternative, this advertizing ban violated their rights to corporate expression under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
By only a three to two majority, the judges in the end upheld the Quebec legislation and found Irwin Toy subject to the advertizing restrictions.
ru's advertizing revenues to increase largely in line with the market, up 69% YoY to $80 mln.
These marketing tools can be programmed to appear regularly on set dates and times, and be remotely controlled by the advertizing company.
During the current crisis, only upper-class, multinational advertizing agencies with an international network have managed to keep up their performance.
So, as the attempt at national economic recovery proceeds, the advertizing industry can be expected to see a positive growth trend in the future.
CTC Media's 1Q10 results will likely show improvements over 2009, when advertizing budgets in Russia fell 38% YoY.
Therefore, the growth in ad standing has been slowing down because much of the funds for advertizing is now used to finance direct promotion campaigns in the form of discounts, gifts, exhibitions, and free services.
0&uot;), and launched an advertizing blitz designed to switch existing customers over to AOL 5.
The company outperformed the TV advertizing market and retained tight control over cash costs.
The fall advertizing campaign, unveiled today by Commissioner Medina, will be supported by fall package tours developed by the Division of Travel and Tourism and Liberty Travel.
Ruiz was recruited to The Seattle Times in December 1986, from her position as advertizing director at the Long Beach Press Telegram in Long Beach, Calif.