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About 150 students will review the company's corporate advertisement plans proposed by advertizing agencies.
One needs to distinguish between advertizing and graphic design posters, he explained in an interview with the Kettler publishing house: "These are different worlds which have different values and rules."
The BSP explained banks are not allowed to use the mobile messaging platform in advertizing, or use it to sell or offer products and services unless there is prior affirmation consent from the recipient.
A spokesman of the PHA told here on Wednesday that at present 510 big hoards and advertizing boards are installed in different parts of Faisalabad out of which 202 are illegal.
Clearly, the time for a advertizing based game of chance, with real cash prizes is an idea whose time has come.
They wish to increase the volume of sales by advertizing incorrect offers.
The administration has also asked the advertizing companies for installation of 2x3 feet posters, hoarding 3x5 feet, banner 3x9, handbills 9x6 inches that also on the selected points.
The Quebec legislature considered children's TV as a particularly dangerous thing because children cannot resist the persuasive forces of television advertizing. The concern addressed by the legislation was really the pressure the children might exert against their parents to buy advertized toys.
a[bar] as the Russian online advertizing market expands.
For the Sudanese officials advertizing "safe trips" to friendly countries is a good propaganda for the government, critics say.
Summary: Javna, the leading Arab company specializing in software solutions and wireless applications, announced its Symbian certification and the successful passing of its MobiAd advertizing platform of the international Symbian trial testing and evaluation.
I wonder, for example, what discursive gems might lie hidden in the records of advertizing firms and makers of household products--say, in planning reports or transcripts of deliberations among designers, marketers, and advertisers.
This helped boost the emergence of advertizing agencies of different class categories.