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someone whose business is advertising

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Seen from ad spending budget allocations, PT Unilever has been the largest advertizer.
In other words, through a small-scale agency, an advertizer can enjoy some 20% discount which should have been paid to the agency.
Up to now, the pitching mechanism which is applicable in the advertizing business has been subject to the policy of the advertizer although only a few advertizers have a good understanding of it (i.
Turkapital has a dynamic international management team with extensive emerging market experience, and Advertizer is able to draw on this know-how.
This poses an immense challenge for advertizers as well.
The Act applies to advertizers, not to broadcasters.
was just beginning, before the advertizers [sic] had come into such complete control, the medium was a delight with programs like 'Studio 1' and the 'G.
These figures are presented here with the assumption that the projected ad spending is exclusive of the discounts which the media often provide to advertizers.
Therefore, this medium has become the main choice among advertizers.
In particular with regard to cigarettes, advertizers use printed media as an alternative because television is not supposed to show cigarettes as they are while printed media are allowed to do so as well as to present the verbal message.