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In addition, Aries's ruler was the planet Mars, not insignificant for a family which had risen to power as condottiere, and continued to think of "bellique, togaeque" as something of a family advertizement.(72)
In Singapore, the continuity of salon photography was reinforced by making references to traditional Chinese painting intending to evoke delightful emotions, which was also reflected in advertizements and documentary photos of Singapore's remarkable economic development.
In recent days, billboards have appeared along Cairo's congested roads, announcing "An Egyptian project, mesmerizing the world." Huge flags flutter limply from government buildings as television advertizements praise the country's engineering prowess: Egypt inaugurating its Suez Canal expansion this Thursday.
Social networking sites normally set default privacy settings at the lowest possible (most open) level to record user behavior and glean personal data in order to serve targeted advertizements back to the users.