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Our latest mobile ad buy for Windows Mobile -- one of the largest mobile advertising campaigns ever--is testament to one of the world's largest brands seeking the valuable return on investment that major brands have seen with mobile campaigns.
promote their businesses through customized and cost-effective local TV advertising campaigns.
BOSTON -- Third Screen Media, the leading provider of mobile advertising software and services, today announced that actor and romance novel cover model Fabio has officially hit the third screen thanks to a mobile advertising campaign launched by Unilever's I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
The commercials utilize 3D animation, and on-screen talent to drive home key messages in the advertising campaign.
Advertising agency GJP Advertising of San Francisco submitted Covad's groundbreaking "The Ringing" campaign, which was one of the first advertising campaigns to feature voice over IP targeted to small-to-medium businesses.
The revolutionary capabilities of the TSM|MediaEffect survey were put to the test during a recent mobile advertising campaign conducted by Ogilvy's Digital Innovation Group and its client, Lenovo.
NYSE:AMP) is telling over 78 million baby boomers in a new advertising campaign that launches this Sunday, Sept.
Their proven leadership and domain expertise position us well to capitalize upon strong advertiser demand for the sophisticated online advertising campaign management and execution that our software enables.
Her track record of creating innovations that improve the performance of online advertising campaigns will prove invaluable as we continue to deliver solutions that help advertisers make the most of their investment in pay-per-click advertising.
Akamai delivered the websites of the majority of the national advertisers for this year's game to support their corresponding online advertising campaigns.
This quarter figures include the first industry data about click fraud threat levels to online advertising campaigns running on search engine content networks.
Members of the Network can monitor online advertising campaigns for unwanted clicks free of charge for campaigns with up to 100,000 clicks per month.
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