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someone whose business is advertising

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AdStar's next-generation technology, available now, improves the efficiency of ad placement by capturing the information from the advertiser and then automatically formatting the ad for the appropriate vertical market and publishing destination.
When she first started at the Times, she remembers in her book The Girls in the Balcony, "There was hell to pay [from the advertising director] every time an advertiser was not adequately represented in the `news' columns of the woman's page.
For instance, you can set up a deal that pays you a dollar for each advertiser's application that is filled out via your site," says Tuckett, who explains that this sort of arrangement reduces both the risk and the cost per acquisition for Internet advertisers.
Let's suppose Owner X goes to Sign Maven looking for an incredibly wealthy and well-respected but not-too-frugal advertiser to lease his highly desirable sign space.
Based on specific advertiser interests and targets, Podtrac's media experts, with their unique understanding of podcast advertising, can build a custom media plan that leverages and expands upon the initial podcast selections, as well as a campaign's specific objectives.
As much as the networks are scrambling to please advertisers today, television in its early days was completely advertiser-driven.
Such was the power of a prominent advertiser that the urge to suppress any unpleasant headlines probably came naturally.
Advertiser participation is growing rapidly, with approximately 1,500 advertisers and agencies now signed into the system.
a California-based company that developed the auction exchange technology, the AdECN (UK) Consortium is a not-for-profit entity that will allow its members to buy and sell advertising inventory for their advertiser and publisher clients on an automated, neutral exchange analogous to those regulating the stock market.
Our research indicates that free directory assistance services are experiencing viral growth in call volume and in corresponding advertiser
Prior to Discovery, Ripley served as vice president advertiser sales for TiVo, Inc.
Expanding the rich media, advertiser branding and direct response components of the dynamic display ad will create an ideal online product inventory showcase.
Long term, the web publishers are hurt as they receive lower prices per click resulting from the lower advertiser bids.
The advertiser has full transparency into the success of the campaign.
The trend of advertiser consolidation has been a common theme in past years.