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Synonyms for advertiser

someone whose business is advertising

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It announces itself, in the new Railway Advertisers, as a novel enterprise, timidly beginning to spring up.
The advertiser contended that its "Dermatologist Recommended" claim was supported by the recommendation of a Board Certified dermatologist who, after utilizing the advertiser's product, observed an increase in eyelash length.
If we consider the evolution of media buying, in the past media professionals have faced challenges simply due to the absence of trained personnel who could directly sell advertising space and time to an advertiser. It was like selling apples without knowing how many people would be interested in buying.
When asked to recall promotional swag they received over the past year, the survey found: 84% of consumers remembered an advertiser based on a product they received; 42% had a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product; 24% said they're more likely to do business with an advertiser based on items they receive; and 62% have done business with an advertiser after receiving a product.
Going out in style, the Honolulu Advertiser yesterday used its last edition to reveal that Black Press Ltd.
The most significant revision to these guides is the deletion of the "safe harbor" that has long allowed advertisers to use testimonials that reported specific successful experiences (e.g.,"I lost 20 pounds and 10 inches in 8 weeks") as long as the advertiser included a disclaimer such as" results not typical." Under the revised guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect.
According to the company, BAT has chosen Microsoft Advertising to be its first preferred on-line publisher portal because of its comprehensive advertiser and publisher portfolio.
In conventional Web-based affiliate marketing, each time someone clicks on a banner or other type of ad appearing on an affiliate site, the advertiser pays the affiliate a fee.
He added a directory and a product guide to his publication but resisted ads for years, despite reader and advertiser demand.
* Not one national advertiser bought time on ABC's five-horn, $40-million "The Path to 9/11" movie that aired Sept.
When the current agency-media finagling came to light, it pierced the delicate veneer of trust between the parties; perhaps more important, the honor system that bound the relationship between agency and advertiser under the shield of contractual law was mostly abandoned.
Any Facebook user can become an advertiser in a matter of minutes and just five clicks.
After these and many other factors are determined, Google makes the ad space available to every advertiser interested in appearing for that search query.
This tool, created by the in-house technology team at Vidooly uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big data to examine every pixel of content before an advertiser wants to place their ads in that content.