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in a careful deliberate manner

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"They are inadvertently inhaling psychoactive advertently hoactive substances like Spice and often hospitalised.
The labour of our pseudo heroes has been the masses being manipulated advertently or inadvertently to serve the ruling political leadership with heart and might to their own end.
In its audit observation of a deed of conveyance where BCDA donated 16.88 hectares of BGC to Taguig City, COA noted that the DOC has been circumvented, advertently or inadvertently, by the city government.
He stressed that as per the Constitution, those found involved in torturing someone advertently can be punished.
It would appear that what saved Khawaja Asif, a former defence and foreign minister, was the fact that he apparently did mention his foreign assets and earnings both in his tax returns and in his election nomination papers (unlike Nawaz Sharif) while showing his profession as businessman, but in advertently omitted to mention in the latter case that he possessed a UAE work permit and about his employment in a company there.
Advertently or through ignorance, they are complicit.
On BN's pledge to return Sarawak's rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 which have been inadvertently or advertently taken by Putrajaya, Chong said it was rather vague, citing the ruling coalition's pledge to set up English medium schools in Sarawak as pilot projects.
The crisis of women political leaders is a persistent problem in India and the media advertently or inadvertently contributes to this crisis due to the stereotypes and framing.
Depending on how rights-based claims are framed, they may advertently or inadvertently perpetuate subordination.
would, tho' earnestly wished by me, be attended with such insuperable difficulties on account of their intermixture by Marriages with the dower Negroes, as to excite the most painful sensations, if not disagreeable consequences from the latter George solved the problem in his will by giving Martha 123 of his 124 slaves, with the proviso that they be freed upon her death, thus (advertently or inadvertently, we do not know) putting a price on her head.
In this case, while foraging from the front of the flower, the forager advertently or inadvertently got dusted with and transferred pollen.
This will advertently lead to meaningful research output and enhanced research productivity of the academic community that the library is located so as to be able to compete favourably with their counterparts in developed world.
Moreover, advertently or otherwise, Ironsi's appointments tilted too much in favor of the Igbo.
For example, with the needle tip visualized real time going into the sacral hiatus by ultrasonography, advertently advancing the needle anteriorly into the rectum [30, 31] or a fetal skull in the birth canal [30] can be prevented.
This issue should be advertently addressed in Florida's appellate rules, and a consistent approach adopted.