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giving attention


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The "do no harm principle suggests that international actors should at least refrain from any action that would clearly weaken the fundamental norms of human rights in the short term (an advertent consequence), even if there are reasons to believe that this could strengthen statebuilding and human rights in the long term.
recognizing, in obiter, that the inconsistent use test applies to advertent squatters and is an element of the intent requirement).
It wrote: "Punitive damages are restricted to advertent wrongful acts that are so malicious and outrageous that they are deserving of punishment on their own .
They have identified a host of problems around advertent and inadvertent data disclosure, and these problems may be compounded for individuals receiving treatment for mental health or substance use disorders.
Doing so positions that party to avert any suggestion of complicity with the seller's advertent or inadvertent non-compliance.
Even without the extra ref, these athletes enjoy playing water polo too much to let advertent brutality get in the way.
Their films are thus textualized surfaces in which storylines are shot through with references to be decoded by the advertent viewer/ reader.
130) But it also covers so-called advertent recklessness, where the offender deliberately disregards a known risk relative to the broader attack.
However, in many developing country contexts, NGOs can, just as easily, become instruments, advertent or otherwise, in the hands of the same elite interests when opposing a government initiative.
Knowledge of the downhole mud pressure can assist in preventing frac-outs (in advertent fluid returns) or, even worse, road buckling.
In Leviticus 4, the hatta't sacrifice is concerned with inadvertent sins, but in the ritual of the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16), the hatta't sacrifice purged the sanctuary of advertent sins.
Since in most cases a beneficiary would be named for the principal's retirement plan, by including the authority to withdraw funds from retirement plans, all you are doing is possibly confusing the agent regarding the actual extent of his authority, which could result in an in advertent exercise.