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a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party

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or adverse witness in advance of trial, (39) and no opportunity ever to
(9) Undoubtedly, its most important purpose is that which guarantees an accused the right to cross-examine adverse witnesses in a criminal proceeding.
Lee, the defendant who was called by the plaintiff as an "adverse witness".
ISSUE: Generally, every circumstance relating to the direct testimony of an adverse witness of relating to anything within his or her knowledge is a proper subject for cross-examination, including any matter which might qualify or diminish the impact of direct examination.
He also presented "Preparing and Conducting an Effective Cross-Examination of an Adverse Witness" to the Dade County Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division.
The aggressive lawyer may find a gold mine, however, if he or she discovers and introduces an adverse witness' criminal convictions.
The advice to never ask an adverse witness a question whose answer you don't know often leads to cross-examinations in which attorneys ask questions but do not listen to answers since they believe they already know the answers.
His motto is, Never conduct courtroom demonstrations with an adverse witness.
With few holds barred in trying to discredit an adverse witness and easy access to databases storing personal information, almost anyone could turn out to be a problem witness.
Don't cross-examine them as you would instinctively do to an adverse witness.
Adding to defense problems, when Greenstein was on the stand as an adverse witness, he suddenly acknowledged that "he was so moved by the testimony of secretaries Elyce Zahn and Twila Carlsen that he concluded he must have mistreated the two, although he could not recall any specific incident."
About a week into the trial, I called as an adverse witness a technician from the incubator manufacturer.
If an adverse witness has testified favorably to a plainfiff's case, there is the overwhelming temptation to go for the kill, to reiterate that testimony with a brilliant" cross-examination.
The Rhode Island Supreme Court has vacated the murder conviction of a defendant who was denied his right to confront adverse witnesses in violation of the Sixth Amendment and article 1, section 10 of the state constitution.
In my experience, she is a very pointed questioner of adverse witnesses. But she is also very fair."