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Synonyms for adverse

Synonyms for adverse

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Synonyms for adverse

contrary to your interests or welfare

in an opposing direction


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Regarding the adverse food reaction and foods most frequently cited in this study, 32% (40/125) of the interviewees claimed to have had a health problem upon ingestion of some food, which is in accordance with the data of the literature.
An adverse food reaction is a generic term that lumps together any kind of negative reaction you get from eating a food, no matter what its cause.
Key Words: Adverse drug reactions, adverse drug interactions, adverse food reactions, cytochrome P450.
Mark Pasula, PhD, is an immunologist and leading authority on blood testing for adverse food reactions. Dr.
Adverse food reactions In children, cow's milk protein, hen's egg white, wheat, soya bean, cod and peanuts may cause allergic reactions.
Adverse food reactions are classified in many ways.
Estimates of the prevalence of adverse food reactions vary widely depending on whether they are defined using the "gold standard"--DBPCFC (double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge)--or as reported reports by patients and their families.
Adverse food reactions and urticaria through age 2 were particularly common in children whose AD occurred by age 1, the investigators reported.
Other than avoidance, there are no known cures for either food allergies or most adverse food reactions. One exception is lactose intolerance; the deficient enzyme can be artificially supplied, by taking a lactase tablet or by adding droplets of the enzyme to liquid foods containing lactose.
Learning whether the foods that they eat and beverages that they drink cause a healthy or inflamed reaction in the body is invaluable for understanding if adverse food reactions are part of the problem with reaching and maintaining a healthful weight Based on the results of this personal nutrition assessment, the patient and doctor, working together, can craft a treatment plan that helps the patient lose weight that was gained in reaction to food intolerances.
But sensitivities do include a wide variety of adverse food reactions, such as the gastrointestinal upset of lactose intolerance, sulfite-induced asthma or the itchy skin reaction to tartarzine (yellow food dye #5).