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Synonyms for adverse

Synonyms for adverse

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Synonyms for adverse

contrary to your interests or welfare

in an opposing direction


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Letter content for both the Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters can easily be created, formatted, edited and modified at any time.
The Commission is also pleased that people who request review of their adverse security assessment will be provided with an unclassified summary of reasons for the decision to issue them with an adverse security assessment.
An average of 2 hours per report to collect information about a serious adverse event associated with a dietary supplement and report the information to FDA on Med-Watch Form FDA 3500A;
This study collected a large, diverse, and contemporaneous cohort of articles with adverse effects data so that the presence or absence of specific adverse effects terms could be assessed [1].
At least one adverse effect occurred in 68% of the patients.
Cramer noted that patients taking levetiracetam were 67% less likely to report an adverse effect than were those not taking the drug, and those taking lamotorigine were 49% less likely to report an adverse effect than were those not taking lamotrigine.
Institutions can measure process indicators (such as the percentage of illegible orders received or the number of orders written which fail to adjust dosage for renal function) and outcome indicators (such as the frequency of adverse events such as hypoglycemia or anticoagulant related hemorrhage).
There were striking differences in regard to adverse pregnancy outcomes among the four study groups.
Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, insurance companies must send adverse action notices to consumers whenever insurance premiums or rates are increased based on a credit score.
Reflecting on his Senate testimony, Turley observes, "The Senate Banking panel understood that, especially in the first year [of 404 reporting], there will be some levels of deficiencies, material weaknesses and adverse opinions.
said that the FDA and EU are implementing new requirements for the reporting of adverse drug reactions, and there are also new requirements in store for reporting adverse events with dietary supplements.
Early reports of postoperative complications encouraged us to monitor our patients in an intensive care setting to watch for any exacerbation of preoperative apnea that could lead to fatal arrhythmias or postoperative swelling that could lead to adverse respiratory events.
As of February 4, a total of 37 states and counties have received shipments of smallpox vaccine, and 18 states and counties have begun smallpox vaccination; no serious adverse events have been reported.
Compensation: Who will cover medical and other expenses in case of adverse reactions to the vaccine, or to catching the vaccinia virus from someone recently vaccinated?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced the development of a comprehensive program to track and analyze adverse events associated with foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.