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Synonyms for adverse

Synonyms for adverse

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Synonyms for adverse

contrary to your interests or welfare

in an opposing direction


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The study published in the 'International Journal of Drug Policy', surveyed adverse effects related to the use of dozens of different drugs.
The researchers found that of the 20,791 reported adverse events, in 19.1 percent of the cases, the patients indicated swallowing problems.
Although one study highlighted consistent reporting of depression and suicide in patients taking isotretinoin in the United States from 1982 to 2000, few studies have examined reports of psychiatric adverse events at the national level since 2000," wrote Sean Singer of Harvard University, Boston, and his colleagues.
An adverse event (AE) in animals is any unfavorable or unintended occurrence that happens during or after use of an animal drug or veterinary product or device.
The parties identify three specific instances of harassment and retaliation, each of which could satisfy the adverse employment action element: (1) the demand by Melissa Parker, the store manager who had supervisory, hiring and firing power over plaintiff, for plaintiff to pay for a bottle of liquor overcharged to a customer; (2) the July 20 incident; and (3) constructive discharge.
The FDA adverse event database provided an opportunity to evaluate how often rheumatic and musculoskeletal events are reported in the real world.
However, leading authorities generally do not address when these legal services create a "directly adverse" conflict.
Now in a completely updated second edition, "Opposing the Adverse Expert: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Stage of Litigation" by trial attorney Stephen D.
The baseline, adverse, and severely adverse scenarios include key variables that reflect economic activity, including unemployment, exchange rates, prices, income, interest rates, and other salient aspects of the economy and financial markets.
To document drugs causing the cutaneous adverse effects and the morphology of these reactions.
The committee proposes amending 415.4--Retaliation; Adverse Employment Action; 415.5--Protected Activity; and 415.8--Preliminary Issue--Adverse Employment Action to clarify the Unlawful Retaliation instructions, based on the private-sector whistle-blower provisions in sections 448.101-105, Florida Statutes.
Firstly, all the unwanted effects of PPIs were mentioned as its side effects, whereas these unwanted effects should be termed as Adverse Drug Reactions,2 as these unwanted effects are sometime rare and does not appear in all the patients using PPIs.