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expressing antithesis or opposition


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Adversative connectives are used to emphasize the difference between two elements, present the cases where one of the two elements is valid, and connect two opposite elements to each other.
Adversative cohesion constituents are presented mainly by a number of conjunctions and adverbs (but, since, however, conversely, etc.
In this view, situations of adversative nature in PT and CT settings, which constitute a ground for development and growth, should serve as sources of information and knowledge.
515, 542 (1996) (striking down VMI's male-only admissions policy based on the lower courts' finding that some women could benefit from VMI's adversative method).
As such, and for purposes of the discussion respecting paperless records, privacy may be construed as an ally of accessibility rather than adversative to it.
should not be changed to a more adversative or marginal kind of location (such as "against," or "alongside," or "at the margins of").
The adversative relation means that the information to be expressed is contrary to the previous one.
highlights the adversative conjunction at as a metaliterary marker by pointing to comparable statements of recusatio, in historians (Sallust, Livy, and Polybius) and poets (Propertius, Ovid, Horace, Manilius, and Martial).
He found out that a whole range of values can be attached to and, namely, time, time-purpose, purpose, result, additive, adversative and conditional.
117) Virginia argued that admitting "women would downgrade VMI's stature, destroy the adversative system and, with it, even the school.
In this respect, the EPC is more similar to benefactives and adversative passives (Shibatani 1994), than to the dative and locative alternations.
In this important Supreme Court decision, the Court specifically addressed the argument that had been advanced that "admission of women would downgrade VMI's stature, destroy the adversative system, and with it, even the school.
The entire chapter is one unit, with nine adversative "but" interventions as Jesus zigzags through the collapse of temple and cosmos.
Iannucci, "Dante's Theological Canon in the Commedia," Italian Quarterly 37 (2000): 51-56, who notes that the debate on the ontological status of the poem, interpreted either as being a visio or fictio, "has resulted in an adversative approach towards the relationship between poetry and theology which sees both as mutually hostile, and which involves the primacy of one over the other" (55).
And the fifth, interrupted repetition begins with an adversative conjunctive phrase--"But you've got to realize.