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acting against or in opposition

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See Gross, supra note 23, at 1197-98 (arguing that court-appointed expert provisions are neglected because of an adversarially focused judicial outlook); Stephan Landsman, Of Witches, Madmen, and Products Liability: An Historical Survey of the Use of Expert Testimony, 13 BEHAV.
Such modeling allows agents to coordinate, detect failures, and plan collaboratively and adversarially.
They attempt to develop opportunities for public dialogue in which (a) "participation is inclusive rather than exclusive," (b) "the freedom to speak is joined by the right to be heard and the responsibility to listen," (c) "differences are treated as resources rather than barriers," (d) "conflict is handled collaboratively rather than adversarially," and (e) "decisions are made creatively rather than defensively.
The heavy responsibility of ensuring everyone's rights are respected while pushing adversarially to uncover the truth is challenging.
As most of the major scenes in Shakespeare's play (the storm scene, Gloucester's blinding, the reconciliation between Lear and Cordelia, Lear's death) are related (second- or third-hand) retrospectively in Smiley's novel and, conversely, much that happens off-stage in King Lear (in particular the development of the relationship between the three principal villains, Edmund, Goneril, and Regan) is brought to the fore in A Thousand Acres, it becomes clear that decisions not just about how to tell a story, but about which bits of it (or, to put it more adversarially, whose side of it) to tell, can never be anything but subjective and, by implication, and in the broadest sense of the word, political.
Of course, the scientific achievements that allowed humans to flourish enough to look at nature less adversarially were often accompanied by a one-sided approach to nature that reduced it to a cold, meaningless universe, subject to every human whim.
Rather, they separate spheres of activity and encourage rivalry between elites, as in the classical separation of powers, so that political, bureaucratic and financial leaders tend to compete adversarially rather than cooperate.
We do it in this quiet way because criticizing loudly, posturing adversarially and grandstanding bring less results and does more harm than good.
In this malicious PAC model, each training example given to the learner is independently replaced, with fixed probability [Eta], by an adversarially chosen one (which may or may not be consistent with the {0, 1}-valued target function).
Deregulation had begun to produce an adversarially charged atmosphere in which demands for union concessions were common.
Critics Week--work adversarially and under different imperatives, all toppers are in broad agreement on at least one thing: It has been a long, hard slog this year through a mushrooming mountain of product to come up with their choices.
Although in her narrative and journal pages, the NN tells us she aspires to amnesia, her process seems to be more that of someone not losing, but rather finding, herself by shedding everything that is merely accessory or inessential, attuning herself not to other humans, but to what she hears from deep within herself, and from the subtly changing natural scene around her, the creatures with whom she shares this peaceful place, sometimes adversarially.
More importantly, blaming works adversarially in order to establish anew the defining terms of a body politic.
Individuals X and Y will interact, often adversarially, in the public policy arena to determine which property right is chosen.
So in Lot 49 he suggests that paradox and ambiguity are used adversarially to prise apart starkly opposed alternatives, and in Gravity's Rainbow that Pynchon's digressions and deictic shifts introduce a calculated slippage into the text so that it resists rationalization.