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acting against or in opposition

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I don't know how many adults are jailed after not getting an adversarial hearing, but it might be comparable.
For example, if the borrower is working with the lender to pay off the loan at par, or at least negotiate a discounted payoff (DPO); or has the borrower become contentious and adversarial asserting various lender liability claims.
It is the hallowed adversarial aspect of our trial system that leads to such unfairness, gross dishonesty, and the logjams in our courthouses.
I think the most frustrating thing was the adversarial nature of the business to the point where it's difficult to mediate and negotiate settlements between landlords and the tenants because the adversarial nature is so intense," he agrees.
2) Consumers Power will not bring any adversarial proceedings against Wolverine during the same three-year period.
Our research shows that far from being adversarial, retailer-supplier activities in 2006 hint at important and widespread development in the future.
It will now be more difficult for parents to preserve their rights without expensive and sometimes gut-wrenching custody litigation, and the family court system will become even more adversarial.
Created by Minneapolis solo Stuart Webb 10 years ago to remedy his dissatisfaction with adversarial family law, the collaborative law model emphasizes positive negotiation to stay out of court.
Maintain open lines of communication with other members of the project team so that an acceptable resolution can he achieved before adversarial positions harden.
We strongly believe that effective measures to improve facility security should continue and promote the strong existing public-private partnership rather than establishing a potentially adversarial relationship that could retard efforts to maintain and expand facility security.
Most attorneys practicing family law do so in an adversarial manner.
Construction disputes are inevitable but, as stakes for the success of construction projects get higher and higher, it's important to keep disputes from erupting into adversarial claims and litigation that, in the long run, only hurt the project," Cruver said.
It's a very, very adversarial and contentious method by which to supposedly conduct a public process.
By causing those participants to come together in a pre-construction retreat for the purpose of establishing communications, developing sincere relationships and respect for one another, and anticipating problems which may arise and agreeing on how they are to respond, The Corps believes that it is creating the opportunity for the parties to avoid the pitfalls of traditional adversarial roles.
Over a period of years, the original vision for supporting and healing families through the child welfare system has deteriorated into an adversarial and coercive approach,'' DSS Director Rita Saenz said.