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acting against or in opposition

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'The adversarial system is a two-sided structure under which criminal trial courts operate that pits the prosecution against the defence.
In the next section we provide background information on adversarial learning and game theory.
Probably this was done to harmonize her image with the underlying principles of adversarial justice system in the UK where a judge only acts as a neutral arbiter.
We are elated to note that in this endeavor, we enjoy the support of our media colleagues abroad, whose arms stretch beyond national borders to support and strengthen beleaguered co-workers in the Philippines.Our apologies, meanwhile, to some colleagues for reiterating here that taking off from the adversarial stance just described it does not seem correct that they seek and secure sinecures in government agencies/firms while holding on to their desks in private media.
where [l.sub.bce] denotes the binary cross entropy loss and D(y) and D(G(x)) represent the label maps of adversarial network when the network input is the ground truth y or the output of a generator G(x).
The CNN we refer to here is the model that sets the adversarial loss and perceptual loss of our model to be zero; thus it is equivalent to a traditional CNN.
You can make adversarial glasses that trick facial recognition systems into thinking you're someone else, or can apply an adversarial pattern to a picture as a layer of near-invisible static.
If we can successfully break through either of these two and visual quality of the original image does not deteriorate, then we are able to produce a new kind of adversarial examples specifically for detection task.
Our taxation policy has to be non- adversarial. The government does not intend to tax people retrospectively," Jaitley said.
But wait, that sounds a lot like the "adversarial system;" it is, in fact, to the affairs of society what the "scientific method" strives to be for the physical scientist.
The adversarial system of law, which is the prevailing legal system in most English-speaking, common law countries, is premised upon the assumption that the best method for eliciting truth and attaining justice is through a confrontational encounter in which disputing parties, through an advocate, compete for the support of a neutral and passive decision maker (i.e., a judge or jury) (Glenn, 2004).
She said that pupils were paying the price for the "adversarial" relationship which had developed between the profession and the Department for Education, while teachers were left feeling demoralised and undervalued.
promote our adversarial system of constitutional criminal procedure.
Department of Energy (DOE) personnel and the contractor for the Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF) at the Savannah River Site (SRS) have become "adversarial" and should be improved, according to a federal study.
The survey showed that just 5% of businesses described employee relations as adversarial or very adversarial.