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a word or group of words function as an adverb

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It occurs after many adverbial phrases, but the V2 rule is lost, for instance, with previously inverting initial negatives such as ne.
In sum, there seems to be no structural disincentive for Tiriyo to use postural verbs in (nonbasic) locative clauses; despite this Tiriyo doesn't allow postural verbs at all in locative clauses, selecting instead adverbials derived from posture verb stems.
Our discussion is meant to show that certain types of quantified constituents (numerical NPs, and for adverbials (cf.
Deictic adverbials such as now, in three days, which normally anchor to the moment of speech, can anchor to a past (or future) time, as in Leigh sat down at the desk.
These predictions were confirmed in two difficulty judgment experiments and in an experiment where participants selected the first interpretation assigned to a scopally ambiguous sentence involving an adverbial quantifier.
Higginbotham assumes, following an early proposal by Bar-Hillel, that the tenses of human languages are indexical expressions 'in that repetitions of the same sentence may differ in truth value simply because of tense' (83); however, in contrast to context-dependent temporal adverbials, they are not fixed in interpretation.
Their grammatical uses include among others the marking of verbal arguments, of nonfinite verb forms in adverbial clauses and the expression of possession or purpose.
Time adverbials like next week, in 2004, and last year are called space builders (Fauconnier 1994).
Some researchers take a step further and consider items such as I think, I assume, I don't think so, or I doubt as sentence adverbials (Jackendoff 1972 : 95-100).
Although some translations deftly convey the sense of disjunction found in much of Furui's early writings, others feel sluggish and stilted, and suffer from a surfeit of forced adverbials that try to convey that signature sense of nonlinearity, but ultimately serve only to alienate the reader.
However, these linear '"tellings'" are strongly muted by its discontinuous, nonlinear visual form and by its avoidance of a narrative storyline, the 2nd person, the active voice, definite reference, pronouns, and conjunctive adverbials, and transitivity and other sorts of complementation (besides the prepositional).
For linguists concerned with the topics of adverbials and phases, this book offers a detailed study of their connections.
The expressions function as manner or cause (or occasionally condition) adverbials and consist of the adessive case form of an action nominalization, a genitive attribute realizing the actor argument of the nominalization, and optional adjectival modifiers (1):
Sometimes the adverbials peaaegu (et) or aarepealt 'almost, nearly' are added to the proximative verb construction, which, on the one hand, stress imminence but, on the other hand, bring in counterfactuality, that is, they show that the event did not take place, e.
Chapter 4, which explores the grammaticalization processes that apply to Italian clitics, begins with the derivation of clitics from Latin personal pronouns, forms of the demonstrative ILLE, and adverbials.