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a word or group of words function as an adverb

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In sum, while lexical factors and polarity do not have a bearing on the use of adverbial support, semantic factors do have a strong and crucial influence on the use of adverbials and their entrenchment as perfect markers, as will be further illustrated in section 4.
The positive features on this dimension are by-passives and agent-less passives, adverbial subordinates, conjuncts, past participial WHIS deletions and predicative adjectives.
This exercise allows them (Conrad and Biber 2000: 63-72) to draw a number of conclusions, such as: stance marking is particularly frequent in conversation; * marking of epistemic stance is more frequent overall than marking of attitudinal or style stance; single adverbs are more frequent than the other grammatical realizations in all registers; prepositional phrases are more frequent in academic prose than in the other registers; finite clauses are more frequent in conversation than in the other registers; final position adverbials are frequent in conversation; pre-verbal and initial adverbials are frequent in the written registers.
Pronominals and adverbials, on the other hand, exert a more active role.
In the corpus of legislation, gerundial clauses functioned most frequently as adverbials (the ratio of gerundial vs.
The subject-related '-ly' adverbs that occur at clause level differ from those that occur at phrase level in that the former behave exactly as predicative elements of the type subject complement, except that they retain the mobility and optionality that is typical of adverbials instead of the fixed position and obligatoriness of subject complements.
It consists of all four categories of cohesive conjunctions discussed by Halliday and Hasan (1976) and adverbials and connectives referred by Van Dijk and Kintsch (1983).
Are there adverbs or adverbial groups and phrases used as circumstances?
Note that the "direct object" -like adverbials of jagmi- are listed under "acc.
s -, ) , By the end of Year 4: Children will have been taught fronted adverbials, the use of speech marks and the use of possessive pronouns.
They include complex compound sentences, numerous embeddings, nominal groups with post-modifiers, adverbials and adverbial clauses in unusual positions, etc.
There are also a few vowel-initial adjectives and adverbials that show agreement with their head noun (adjectives) or the Absolutive noun of their clauses (adverbials).
Part 2 presents research into modal adverbials communicating the meaning of confidence in the truth value of the proposition expressed.
Higginbotham assumes, following an early proposal by Bar-Hillel, that the tenses of human languages are indexical expressions 'in that repetitions of the same sentence may differ in truth value simply because of tense' (83); however, in contrast to context-dependent temporal adverbials, they are not fixed in interpretation.