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a word or group of words function as an adverb

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In this case, they would be categorized as adjectives on the grounds of their syntactic and semantic predicative properties, and despite their apparently adverbial morphology, optionality and mobility.
For example, if we were wanting our students to compose a text similar to the text below, through identifying and classifying the adverbial phrases of circumstance, we might deduce that a biography contains largely adverbial phrases including adverbial phrases of time and place, as shown by the underlining in the next example.
Sensible while-paragraphs included either a non-motor or a long-duration (interruptible) motor action in the first adverbial clause and a manual action in the second clause.
For dadi- we also find three cases of adverbial modification, e.g.: RV 2.24.13cd: viludvesa anu vasa rnam adadih, sa ha vaji samithe brahmanas patih Steadfast in his hatred, (7) taking his dues according to his wish, (8) Brahmaanas Pati is the one who wins the prize in the contest.
As for adverbial modification, the following table shows how middles with adverbial modification (e.g.
It targets specifically at (1) the case system of a particular language, (2) its non-verbal predicates and copula constructions (she is sick/a teacher), (3) secondary predication strategies (she eats the fish raw/works there as a teacher), (4) predicative complements and ditransitive constructions (she considers the boys intelligent), (5) adverbials (she went away angrily/first), (6) temporality and location (she will make sauna on saturday/drive faraway), (7) comparative and simile expressions (she is bigger than Janos/free as a bird), (8) the essive case versus the translative case (she is a teacher/became a teacher) and (9) word order and focus issues.
For clausal objects/complement and adverbial clause structures, we scrutinized the nature of clause combining strategies in the complex sentence across the genres from the sub-dialectal corpora.
Because, according to the UK government's current National Curriculum for English, if you don't know your fronted adverbials by the time you are eight, you are destined for the linguistic scrap heap.
Turning to the question of the relevance of adverbials in the expression of perfect meaning, Table 2 below gives the raw numbers and percentages for the use of adverbial support, that is, the distribution of verbal forms with and without the presence of an adverbial of time, by geographical variety.
Both poems start the first quatrain with a "When ..." adverbial clause of time, and both start the second quatrain with another "When ..." adverbial clause of time:
The positive features on this dimension are by-passives and agent-less passives, adverbial subordinates, conjuncts, past participial WHIS deletions and predicative adjectives.
As an adverbial phrase As a noun phrase As a preposition phrase Answer: as an adverbial phrase 9.