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The risotto was real tasty, [informal; real is an adjective and so cannot modify another adjective, tasty] The adverb form must be used to modify an adjective, as in the next sentence:
The risotto was really tasty, [correct; the adverb really modifies the adjective tasty] Study the following pairs of correct sentences:
Towards this end, I explore the recruitment of modal adverbs of certainty in the legal setting, focusing, in particular, on their potential to negotiate personal stances and to foreground and background competing arguments.
As stated above, this paper sets out to examine the interactional potential of modal adverbs of certainty, with the aim of establishing the most frequent co-occurrence patterns as well as discourse-pragmatic functions of the adverbs under scrutiny.
For instance, a:bu:tan 1 'on, about, around, on the outside, round about' is an adposition and a:bu:tan 2 'about, nearly', an adverb. Similarly, andfenge 1 'acceptable, agreeable, approved, fit, suitable' is an adjective, whereas andfenge 2 'undertaker, helper, receptacle' is a noun.
Conversion raises the problem of determining the direction of the process: either from the adverb or towards the adverb.
Climb a ladder in the style of your adverb. Drink a glass of water in the style of your adverb.
This task develops children's understanding of adverbs through problem solving, working in pairs, sharing ideas and acting.
Section 3 is devoted to the Adverb, and pays special attention to the semantic properties of deixis and reference in time and place adverbs that may be predicative.
According to Reuters, Handler's agent said the film rights to Adverbs had been sold to GreeneStreet Films, an independent film company based in New York.