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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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Started in 2017, this is the fourth Rikshaw ride in the Himalayas here jointly organised by adventurists and cool earth to promote adventure and also to preserve the environment.
'Dear Jebel Jais Adventurists, We regret that due to a serious incident which occurred on the mountain, the zipline facility has been temporarily closed.
In line with The Adventurist's charitable initiative the team has been raising money through sponsorship fundraisers and donations to support Cool Earth, the official charity of the event that works to protect the future of rainforests.
"Some adventurists are pushing international relations to the brink of disaster based on a fake video staged by the 'White Helmets' terrorist organization upon instructions from Western intelligence agencies," he said, noting that the aforementioned White Helmets are the media arm that uses fabrication and falsification to benefit terrorism, much like the warplanes of the so-called "international coalition" were used to benefit Daesh (ISIS).
* Howlers Peak Ropes Course allows adventurists to balancing on ropes, crossing bridges and climbing through obstacles.
The 38-year-old, who founded the U.K.-based thrill-seeking company ( The Adventurists , was running tests for what he hopes will eventually lead to a forthcoming helium balloon race - the first of its kind.
Featuring products that allow 24-7 off-grid access to Power, Lighting, Communications, Potable Water, and First-Aid Treatment, the company says that its solutions allow its clientele, from individual adventurists to seasoned security professionals, to complete their objectives using equipment that is adaptive and operational.
MTV Roadies, which has proven to be one of the biggest reality shows in South Asia, with thousands of contestants and audiences for over a decade, is a show often associated with the youth and a reflection of the attitude of adventurists.
Even if Megapolis goers are not hardcore gamers, adventurists or sports enthusiasts, it is a definite go-to place and will be a major destination for families in Doha to have fun, socialise, learn and compete.
The area the adventurists were exploring is rugged terrain which includes peaks of around 4,000 meters still covered with snow from winter.
The event is largest run by the UK-based group The League of Adventurists International.
A Swiss celebrity on his hometurf and internationally, inventor, adventurists and environmentalis Louis Palmer put a spotline on solar power when he toured the world with his Solar-Taxi in 2007 to 2008.
"But The Adventurists organise other mad trips throughout the year, so we are going to transfer onto another one."
Speaking on the occasion, Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India said" Polaris would be crossing another milestone with the unveiling of this stunning RZR XP 900, which has been admired by adventurists all over the world, as an addition to its vast product portfolio in the field of off-road sports vehicles.