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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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Or some people bring to war an adventuristic, I-want-to-find-out-about-death-and-myself attitude.
"It was kind of an adventuristic, altruistic experience," he said.
Traditional Republicans, mostly, are not a recklessly adventuristic group.
Chinese involvement in the Third Indochina War was conducted on Beijing's terms, not those of an adventuristic ally willing to provoke the conflict.
Chinese analysts have also suggested that Beijing came to see North Korea's nuclear weapons program not merely as a "risky," "adventuristic" plot at negotiations with the United States but as a genuine desire to possess nuclear weapons.
In the first place, it reflects the fact that the kind of adventuristic policies the Framers wished to check have now been outlawed by the world community.
Drawing on the arguments once used to justify containment of the Soviet Union, these analysts maintain that such a strategy will keep the peace by discouraging China from engaging in adventuristic behavior (such as an invasion of Taiwan); even better, it would undermine the coercive foundation of the current regime and thus bring about its eventual demise.
But the relative role of privileged individuals and, among them, the susceptibility to adventuristic or guilt-driven tactics, are themselves historically conditioned variables.
While Stalin tended to be methodical and cautious in domestic affairs, he was occasionally erratic and adventuristic abroad, taking steps such as the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the Berlin blockade, and the proxy war in Korea.
But if Stalin was as adventuristic and as ambitious as Tucker and Taubman portray him, then a neutralized Germany might have proved an even greater temptation than a weak South Korea proved to be and with even more serious consequences for world peace.
"We are not willing to see the 15 million members of the CPSU held accountable for the adventuristic actions of a few," explains editor Barry Cohen.
(55-6) Also flooding into the Republic was an uncounted host of curious, sometimes sympathetic, sometimes just plain adventuristic journalists, commentators, and political voyeurs.
The assumption is that the Indonesian Communist Party was Soviet influenced; in fact, it was Maoist and adventuristic.
But as with Hoffman and Rubin, the adventuristic rhetoric that Davis and Hayden used to publicize Chicago made a mockery of their tactical plan.