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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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For the winter adventurist this is an exhilarating way to experience the icy wilderness and feel immersed in a way of life that is truly Arctic.
InnerSea Discoveries and American Safari Cruises have combined their Adventurist and Yachtalist travel agent certification programs into one club beginning Feb.
This outlandish depiction of two people, the prime minister and the defence minister, sitting in a closed room and leading the entire country into an adventurist operation is baseless and divorced from reality," he said.
He added: "An adventurist foreign policy has prompted the issuance of several international resolutions against our country within a short period of time which have negatively affected people's ability to earn a living".
Who gave you the authorization to leave Iran at odds with the whole world through your adventurist and confrontational policies?
The Government in the past few days has announced some misconceived and adventurist steps.
Unlike you, we do not agree to proceed with an adventurist policy, to insult them one day and smile at them the next", he said.
A Turkish foreign ministry official was yesterday quoted by AFP as saying, "we consider it an adventurist move to carry out activities on Turkey's continental shelf.
Hengoed's Rhys Hughes made most of the running on Eddie Ford's Little Ed to win the men's open by 20 lengths from Adventurist.
Gungadu (representing Paul Nicholls who saddled Blue Business to win this 12 months ago), Welcome To Unos and Adventurist are the last-time-out winners in the line-up, while Supreme Serenade, Heir To Be and Tensile are bidding to go one better than last time.
Critics, however, insist he is a political adventurist who bears primary responsibility for the breakup of the Czechoslovak state, creates a multitude of enemies at home and abroad, and preaches drastic market reforms but sometimes follows a cautious path.
Philip Robins starts his chapter by asking whether Turkish policy during the Kuwait crisis was adventurist or dynamic.
What if the world had a dozen middle powers as adventurist as de Gaulle's France?
Rizaov comments that this would be the cure for defending the Macedonian identity that the well-known Skopje fraudster and adventurist in journalism proposes, who is serving his sentence in the pro-government media.
He was known for his idealist, utopian and adventurist policies.