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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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Those having ill designs against Pakistan should listen carefully that our security forces are capable of matching response to any adventurism," he said.
In such circumstances Pakistan should be the last choice for India to try its adventurism.
Iran, however, believes that Western countries and the NATO have deployed the system in Turkey with the aim of supporting the Zionist regime so that in case of an Israeli military adventurism against Iran and Iran's response to the measure, Western countries can safeguard Israel with the help of the missile system," he added.
I can understand the "fear of adventurism in foreign policy" which the Obamacons share, but I scratch my head in wonder at how anyone who deems himself conservative, or even centrist, could support a president who has essentially shredded the Constitution, promoted a culture of death at home and abroad, signed into law a takeover of one- sixth of the U.
Renewing aid is "unfortunately like a prize for military adventurism, culture of predation and massive human rights violations, in which high level Rwandan officials are involved in the DR Congo," the statement said.
Kerti said that Washington s opposition to the ICC s stance on the one hand and its attempts of penalizing a country that does not collaborate with the organization on the other fully attests to the continued US political adventurism.
Cameron's cavalier adventurism shows how vulnerable we are when decisions are made on the international stage without a real voice for Wales in the world.
of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign) combines the ideas of rhetorical studies with the tools of philosophy, intellectual history, and sociology to match major strategic ideas of the early Cold War period--containment, massive retaliation, liberation, and deterrence--with the different worldviews inherent in these strategies: stoicism, evangelicalism, adventurism, and romanticism.
AS Britain''s military adventurism continues to alienate many people around the world, is it any wonder that our shores are visited by terrorism?
Nuclear weapons and military adventurism must be discarded.
We warn the government to stop this adventurism, stop constitutional adventurism.
adventurism, mass graves and chemical weapons , and after all that they want
Amal advised the public to ignore recent Israeli threats against Lebanon, promising that "if Israel engages in adventurism again, with an offensive, that which awaits it will be more painful and bitter" than the results of the war three years ago.
It emerged in response to a series of events and developments, most notably, the-Iraqi invasion of Iran in 1980, the Israeli intervention in Lebanon in 1982 and US adventurism in the Middle East.
Created and managed by UK based company The Adventurists, with support from an American veterinary NGO based in Mongolia and respected British and Mongolian equine experts, the Derby is about poking at the very boundaries of human adventurism.