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a woman adventurer

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but rather of adventuresses, female knights-errant, emancipated girls, and amazons.
Actual sexual adventures and adventuresses are interviewed extensively.
In a review, Lee noted Enright's experience of writing classes with Angela Carter and suggested that 'there's something of Carter's sensual, self-fashioning adventuresses in Eliza.
There were even some unsigned adventuresses who wanted to feel the day press and steam them down like a laundress, until their own fair skins jellied and blistered and needed to be cooled and soothed with banana leaf.
The fact that these two adventuresses don't go head to head on the dial is a giant relief, summed up by this reader:
The court refused to let the antiheartbalm act "perpetuate one of the very vices the Act was designed to prevent"--"the perpetration of fraud by adventurers and adventuresses in the realm of heartland.
Heroines, adventuresses, artists, advocates, old and young alike - Women on the Edge bridges the age gap by showcasing the talents of unique and intrepid women from all walks of life.