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a woman adventurer

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Cabaret is about the adventures of Sally Bowles in Berlin during the rise of Nazism, a city where "moral parameters became redundant and were seen as a subject for mockery".
Those who want souvenirs of their great explorations should stop by The Trading Post where there are over 20 exclusive adventure-themed Disney merchandise available including Minnie the Adventuress and Mickey the Explorer plush dolls.
What is particularly interesting about this second volume of Dirk's adventures is watching the heroine struggle with the consequences of having kept her true identity a secret from Mister Selim and her role as an adventuress a secret from her mother.
There is even an adventuress, too: Sirja, the Finnish department store buyer who uses banker Ray Peepgass's lust to produce an anchor baby, settle in the United States, and live off child support.
Attorneys and antagonistic newspapers connected Pollard's being ambitious, which was not a compliment in the 189os, with her being an adventuress.
Even the lesbian adventuress Bold Riley makes an appearance in Bedfellows where she tells a story of one unforgettable night with an androgynous lover.
Niffenegger previously published the graphic novels The Three Incestuous Sisters, The Adventuress, and The Night Bookmobile.
Founded on the principle of providing active women with a simplified routine, Adventuress introduces a new skin care collection that is specially formulated to combat nature's elements.
For a start, our nation has a mistrust of that "abdication" word - it stirs old memories of the feeble Edward VIII who ducked kingship to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, seen then as a manipulative and gold-digging adventuress.
While Jean had tolerated innumerable casual infidelities, this deeper involvement with a like-minded sexual adventuress prompts their bitter divorce.
Louise Rourke, an adventuress on her way North in 1924 described the indelible impression Lac La Biche left with her:
However, simply put, she was an adventuress and gold-digger.
Nor was the magazine surprised by the embezzlements of Howe, calling her "totally unbalanced and unscrupulous" and "at different times a thief, a procuress, a swindler, a lunatic, and always a desperate adventuress.
The reference that Aventurera makes to LMP is evident in the scene when Elena is in the cabaret smoking a cigarette while Agustin Lara sings the Bolero song that gives the name to the film: "Sell your love expensively, adventuress.