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a story of an adventure


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"I'm already working on my next book, which will be a different adventure story."
The 35-year-old, nominated for Academy Awards last month for her role in Zero Dark Thirty, is said to be in race to play the role in reboot of classt sic adventure story, reports contactmusic.
The Great Bicycle Experiment: The Army's Historic Black Bicycle Corps 1896-97 provides a fine true adventure story about an elite company of twenty African American soldiers who in 1897 went on a 1,900-mile trek across the country on bicycles from Fort Missoula Montana to Saint Louis, Missouri.
The action and suspense in this adventure story, which is occasionally violent and sad, keeps the pace moving quickly.
A cracking good adventure story; it is almost old-fashioned in approach and none the worse for that.
This enthralling book is an adventure story with a smart, historical framework, one that has been lauded by jazz critics and those who knew the Duke.
A tough film director takes his crew deep into the heart of Africa to film an adventure story. But his commitment to shooting the movie is gradually overwhelmed by his obsession to hunt and kill an elephant.
The game is prelude to the interactive adventure story series, The Phoenix, A Charleston Shi Adventure Story.
I would recommend this series to any student who is seeking the next great new adventure story to read.
Boom by Mark Haddon, pounds 5.99pb (David Fickling Books) IN 1992 Mark Haddon wrote a hilarious adventure story called Gridzbi Spudvetch - not the most catchy title...
A COMICAL adaptation of the classic adventure story Treasure Island is set to have audiences rolling in the aisles at a Birmingham school.
This adventure story tells of two brothers who are on their first camping trip.
A favorite line in the book is : "An explosion would spoil the whole day." Overall a very good adventure story and would certainly encourage children to buy the other two books in the collection.
LEICESTER: 1.00 Orpen Arms, 1.30 Push Me, 2.00 Lady Florence, 2.30 Humidor, 3.00 Once More Dubai (nap), 3.30 Mabait, 4.00 Adventure Story, 4.30 Iron Out.