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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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The age range was 18-48 years and included four females; two were congenitally blind; three were adventitiously blind, two of whom were newly blind; two were totally blind and three were blindfolded.
with the reduction of vision to 5%; 3 totally blind; 1 sensitive to light and some colors), 2 adventitiously blind with the reduction of vision to 10%, 5 adventitiously blind with the reduction of vision to 5%, and 3 born with a serious visual impairment and blinded in their early twenties.
Because toys were restricted at the end of each tangible-access interval, it is possible that the attention involved in the removal of the toys was adventitiously reinforcing problem behavior on an intermittent schedule.
The sequence of events is as follows: primary phragmoplasts develop in the interzones between pairs of telophase II nuclei, secondary phragmoplasts develop adventitiously among all non-sister nuclei and all six phragmoplasts merge.
4-5) are executed in Zhang's innovative pomo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or ink-spilling style, which involves emptying copious amounts of green and blue colored ink onto the paper and creating a landscape out of the naturally and adventitiously formed shape.
Experiment 4 suggests that non contingent market feedback is not sufficient to control the production of particular aggregate products, but may adventitiously select certain products briefly and in a susceptible manner to drift.
To develop this point, we believe that there is a good argument that the law of accession should apply to prevent farmers from being sued for patent infringement in cases where a genetically modified crop is adventitiously present on their land (for example, as a result of pollen being blown or carried by insects from a neighbouring property).
Moreover, it is indeed "produced from GMOs," irrespective of whether the pollen is introduced intentionally or adventitiously into the honey.
Wild bee populations from natural areas extend into adjacent cultivated land and contribute adventitiously and significantly to agricultural pollination (Kremen et al.
It is against this significant backdrop that when he adventitiously discloses the secrets and powers that define Uzo and endow it with its immanent sacredness to his wife, this evokes sympathy from us.
We are invited to entertain simultaneously the etymological sense of an unpublished, and so arcane, even esoteric, private narrative, as well as that of narrative of a detached incident considered adventitiously interesting or striking in its own right, with the implication that it is possibly amusing.
2) Also, Swearingen was adventitiously blind, born sighted but developing blindness later in life.
10) means one thing if the covariate was prespecified based on theory and prior data, and quite another if discovered adventitiously.
Coleridge's dynamic and ternary diagram turns out, then, to be more than merely arbitrarily and adventitiously cruciform.
Aversive initial experiences with clients may, for instance, adventitiously shape patterns of avoidance behavior in therapists.