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At NaCl concentrations up to 75 mM, reduction in adventitious root number was observed (Table 2).
The average root length of the main adventitious root system was measured to be 10.
Based on our observations, the suitable period for the formation and growth of the adventitious root of the Eucalyptus hybrid is between 35 and 42 days, which is the ideal time interval for the transfer of mini-cuttings to acclimate in a shade house.
Therefore, the objective of the present study was to investigate the effects of wild-ginseng adventitious root meal (WGM) on growth performance, blood profiles, relative organ weight and meat quality in broiler chickens.
Effect of time period on in vitro adventitious root formation
These two auxins has maximum effect on the stimulation of production in adventitious roots [8].
Phytohormone inactivation can occur through the combination of sugars derived from hydrolysis of sucrose, glucose and fructose, thereby altering the balance of active molecules of auxin and cytokinin (CORUZZI; ZHOU, 2001), directly affecting adventitious root formation in vegetative propagules (BHARDWAJ; MISHRA, 2005).
In the present study, the reduction of ADFI in FRG2 and FRG3 treatments was in agreement with a previous study of our lab which observed that the inclusion of the dietary ginseng (15 g/kg wild ginseng adventitious root meal) decreased ADG and ADFI in finishing pigs.
Crop growth parameters including adventitious root, tiller counts, plant height, root dry weight, and plant dry weight were measured in 2005-06.
Root pruning he knew was indispensable to initiating the shape and form of the extensive robust fibrous or adventitious root system he needed to achieve the consistent high uptake of water and nutrient that the plants would require to produce high premium quality growth, foliage and flower.
Until Zobel's and Weinhold's work, the seminal roots of grasses were thought to be some sort of variation of an adventitious root, rather than a separate type.
However, each two concentrations of the following: "25 and 50 mM", "50 and 75 mM" and "75 and 100 mM" produced almost similar adventitious root numbers (Table 2).
2002) demonstrated that NO mediates the auxin response leading to adventitious root formation.
1995, "Endogenous ethylene requirement for adventitious root induction and growth in tomato cotyledons and lavandin microcuttings in vitro," Plant Growth Regul.