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Among the main limitations of roots formation we found the ontogenetic age of propagules, determining factor in the formation of adventitious roots, where, in general, propagules with a higher degree of juvenility tend to have higher rooting and vigor (XAVIER et al.
Interplay between initial carbohydrate availability, current photosynthesis, and adventitious root formation in Pelargonium cuttings.
The increase in average temperatures in the summer and spring favored the metabolism of mini-cuttings, reduced the average time (days) of adventitious root induction and, consequently, increased the LRL.
In rice seedlings, there were reductions in the adventitious root growth after application of gibberellin in the media (Lo et al.
In this study, we optimized the medium formula for efficient induction of tuberous root in vitro from leaf-derived adventitious roots using an orthogonal design.
At NaCl concentrations up to 75 mM, reduction in adventitious root number was observed (Table 2).
For the purpose, adventitious roots of nine different cultivars from Date Palm Research Station, Jhang were collected and 2 cm piece form each root-shoot junction was placed in formalin acetic alcohol solution.
Effect of exogenous indole-3-acetic acid and indole-3- butyric acid on internal levels of the respective auxins and their conjugation with aspartic acid during adventitious root formation in pea cuttings.
2008) observed that wild-ginseng adventitious root meal supplementation (5 g/kg) in growing-finishing pig diets increased meat WHC while decreasing WHC when 15 g/kg wild-ginseng adventitious root meal supplementation was fed.
Pistia has floating leaves in the format of a rosette, which can be alone or together with stolons and a numerous and extensive adventitious root (LANGELAND; BURKS, 1998).
Crop growth parameters including adventitious root, tiller counts, plant height, root dry weight, and plant dry weight were measured in 2005-06.
adventitious root bench grafting bridge grafting cleft grafting clone hardwood cutting herbaceous stem cutting in vitro interstock leaf-bud cutting leaf cutting micropropagules polarity root cutting rootstock scion semi-hardwood cutting side grafting softwood cutting splice grafting whip-and-tongue grafting
We initially tested the procedure by monitoring, during up to 3 wk, the growth of the adventitious root system of stem cuttings from the three parental genotypes.