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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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I have little reason to believe, from certain warnings I have had since I returned to England, that it will be tenderly or favourably received by the American people; and as I have written the Truth in relation to the mass of those who form their judgments and express their opinions, it will be seen that I have no desire to court, by any adventitious means, the popular applause.
Ivy has adventitious roots that help it to cling to a host, clematis wrap their leaf stems around the twigs of other plants and roses developed thorns to pull themselves up through branches.
These include diverse research projects, regulatory research around adventitious agent detection in biologics and cell banks and the development of reference materials for such work.
Based on test, this market is categorized into adventitious agents detection test, bioburden tests, cell line authentication and characterization tests, endotoxin tests, residual host contaminant detection tests, sterility testing, and other tests (efficacy tests, toxicity tests, stability tests).
Biological Safety Testing Market by Application (Stem Cell, Blood, Gene Therapy), Product (Instruments, Services, Kits, Reagents), & Test (Bioburden, Endotoxin, Cell Line Authentication, Residual Contamination, Adventitious Agents) - Global Forecast to 2019
8220;This is a very exciting development and represents a major milestone towards our goal of being a one-stop-shop for the adventitious agent testing needs of our customers,” said Dr.
believes the presence of the Spirit is coextensive with human birth, not something adventitious and reserved only for the few, or for special charismatic types.
Adventitious root growth was significantly affected by the NaCl X P interaction, except for adventitious root dry weight percentages (Table 2) where the separate effect of NaCl was significant.
Vision loss after birth is defined as adventitious VI, and it commonly results from trauma, progressive disorders, and infectious diseases of the eye (1,4,5).
1997) procedure was incorporated to prevent the potential effects of adventitious reinforcement on response recovery (e.
It's this adventitious combination that triggered human language," Shigeru Miyagawa, a professor of linguistics in MIT's Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, said.
Adventitious similarities to the other things out there in the world fall away.
In addition, there are indications that the accumulation of carbohydrates in plant tissues is correlated with the capacity for adventitious rooting (STENVALL et al.
Brownsey & Jermy (Thelypteridaceae) to understand the distribution of AM fungi in different parts of the main adventitious root and its lateral branches, along with percent root colonization.
The two standbys that rice roots rely on for its ability to grow in water are adventitious roots and aerenchyma.