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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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Words related to adventitious

associated by chance and not an integral part

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But as it was occasionally inexpedient to carry about measuring-chains a boy would do well to know the precise length of his own foot-pace, so that when he was deprived of what Hurree Chunder called adventitious aids' he might still tread his distances.
As a matter of fact, some victories were just adventitious.
The roots formed from post-embryonic organs are called adventitious roots (GUAN et al., 2015; PACURAR et al., 2014).
As expected, Fate found no adventitious agents and expects the first-ever IND on iPSC-derived Natural Killer cell therapy FT500 to clear by year-end 2018, he contends.
These will typically include: adventitious agent tests, usually non-specific tests capable of detecting a broad range of viruses; species-specific assays, designed to detect the presence of identified potential contaminants (e.g.
Waterlogging usually leads to hypoxia and in severe cases to anoxia of the root system in plants, and on warmer seasons the depletion on O2 is faster; after switching the root zone environment to a hypoxic condition, reactive oxygen species are formed, and elevation of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] levels, leading to adaptation signals and anaerobic respiration processes; Other plant response to waterlogging is to produce ethylene, which signals various adaptive functions to plant survival, such as increased number of adventitious roots, and formation of aerenchyma in such environment (IRFAN et al., 2010).
This mixing results in adventitious or low level presence of impurities without affecting the quality or salability of the crop.
For a maximized proliferation of regenerative calluses and adventitious shoots, it is necessary to consider besides the composition of the culture medium as point out by Tokuji & Kuriyama (2003) and Shen et al.
His burgeoning feelings for the former nurse, and his adventitious involvement in a domestic crisis, inspire him to change direction.
After 30 days, root emergence at the base of the sprouts and the number of adventitious roots formed were evaluated.
Data on adventitious lung sounds collected during the hospitalization period were classified (on the basis of international classifications) as continuous, discontinuous, bronchial on the chest wall, and friction rub sounds (3).