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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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Cystic adventitial disease appears as a hypoechoic, multi-lobulated lesion arising from the arterial wall on CT.
22) Another interesting finding in our study was the occurrence of arterial adventitial fibrosis (> 1:1 ratio comparing media thickness to adventitia thickness involving small pulmonary arteries, 200 [micro]m in diameter) in 40% of our subjects.
These findings in correlation with surgical and radiological appearance confirmed the presence of cystic adventitial disease of the radial artery.
1 mm, not including deeper adventitial extension," and the presence or absence of microscopic ulceration, "defined as tumor-induced, full-thickness loss of epidermis with subjacent dermal tumor and reactive dermal changes.
Diverticular wall is composed of mucosa, lamina propria, scattered thin muscle fibres and an adventitial layer.
Histologic features include dilated channels with scant smooth muscle, adventitial fibrosis, and phleboliths.
While there is no distinct adventitial layer to separate the urethra from the vagina, a functional point of separation exists within the periurethral fascia, or fascia of the urethropelvic ligament.
Although the inflammation diminished at 4 weeks, the ligated carotid artery developed prominent vascular remodeling, manifested by smooth muscle cell rich neointimal formation, medial thickening, and adventitial proliferation with reduced luminal diameter.
Specifically, lower estrogen levels during these periods were associated with larger common carotid artery (CCA) adventitial diameter.
After removal of the surrounding adventitial tissue, the aorta was opened longitudinally and stained with Sudan IV.
where [PSI] is the strain energy function for either the medial (M) or adventitial (A) layers, [I.
The trachea consists of 4 layers: an inner mucosal layer, a submucosal layer, cartilage and muscle, and an outer adventitial layer (Figure 1).
6 Effect of Renal Denervation on the Adventitial Layer 93 5.
Simvastatin preserves the structure of coronary adventitial vasa vasorum in experimental hypercholesterolemia independent of lipid lowering.