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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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There was neutrophil infiltration in periarterial zone and adipocytes were seen close to adventitia. There was no thrombotic focus in the artery in blood flow patent samples (n = 12) [Figure 10].
The signs to look for on CTA are expansion of the dissected artery, an abnormal vessel contour, narrowed eccentric lumen surrounded by a crescent-shaped mural thrombus, and thin annular enhancement which represents vasa vasorum enhancement in the adventitia, an intimal flap, and a dissecting aneurysm.
The adventitia is a thin layer of connective tissue (Fig.
Por ultimo, basandose en Terminologia Anatomica y el principio de construccion del cuerpo humano de "estratificacion", sugerimos cambiar la traduccion en Terminologia Anatomica para los terminos: Tunica mucosa linguae, Tunica serosa, Tunica adventitia, Tunica mucosa oris por: Mucosa linguae, Cappa serosa, Cappa adventitia, Mucosa oris.
This paper builds on that study [1] which demonstrated with PeakForce QNM AFM [15, 16] that the adventitia of the IMA is altered in patients with high PWV, in terms of both the nanoscale elastic modulus and the collagen fibril morphology.
After careful superimposition of the autoradiographs and H&E stained images, the count densities of 540 ROIs (185: plaques, 241: normal vessel walls, and 114: adventitia) were analyzed using Tina 2.1 software.
Additionally, several studies have reported that cells expressing CD34, but not CD31 and CD146, in the tunica adventitia of AT blood vessels are able to give rise to cells with MSC characteristics in vitro [55-59].
Aside from immune cell entry into the plaque through the intima, immune cells are also observed in the outer part of the vessel wall, the adventitia, and perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT).
There were a few myenteric plexus-like fibres, which were mostly found in the adventitia. A few mural lymphoid aggregates were seen, with no other significant inflammatory infiltrate.
The adventitia, media, and intima of renal artery wall were injured by RAAC, which displayed as the damaged region (DR).
Paragangliomas arise from glomus bodies or paraganglionic tissue in the adventitia of the jugular bulb, usually in relation to the auricular branches of the vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves.
(18) Although the best technique for donor ureter anastomosis remains unclear, the preservation of adventitia, fat, and blood supply to the ureter through delicate dissection, and use of short ureters, and fixation of the adventitia, fat, and blood supply of the ureter to the bladder wall to prevent kinking or twisting are methods explored to reduce complications from donor ureter anastomosis.
In the acute phase, a vasa vasoritis is seen in the adventitia. The media is infiltrated by lymphocytes and occasional giant cells with neovascularisation.
The outermost layer is the adventitia above the diaphragm and the serosa below the diaphragm (10, 11).