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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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It is proved that long term stimulation of the adventitia with some inflammatory cytokines such as platelet activating factor and leukotriene-C4 results in vasospasm and neointimal proliferation in coronary arteries (5).
Injection or transfection of proinflammatory agents into perivascular fat may test whether contiguous inflammation elicits arterial remodeling, akin to studies performed in the adventitia.
Increased synthesis of [alpha]-smooth muscle actin in the adventitia is believed to be an important factor in the remodeling process because cells proliferate more rapidly in the adventitia than in the media after angioplasty.
3) The tumor was adherent to the adventitia of the vessel, and there was no invasion of the media.
In the spontaneous dissections, intimal flap is seen in media or between media and adventitia.
Cells that are positive for these melanocytic markers include those with smooth muscle and fat differentiation, cells in vascular adventitia, and occasional cells in tunica media, as well as cells with "PEC" morphology among smooth muscle, fat, and blood vessels.
A similar sheet of human fibroblasts was wrapped around the media to provide the adventitia.
Gene expression was limited to the "adventitia," one of the layers of the carotid artery, and appeared to be preferential for the endothelial cells of the small blood vessels in the adventitia that are most involved in cardiovascular disease.
These OB lesions were associated with mild perivascular mononuclear cell infiltrates surrounding venules and arterioles and limited to the vascular adventitia.
Widespread calcification within the adipose lobules, in connective tissue septae, and in the adventitia of small and medium-sized vessels with narrowing of their lumina was noted, consistent with calciphylaxis (Figure).
The pathology findings consist of a cyst of gelatinous contents between the media and adventitia causing luminal compression.
They show a distinct so-called adventitia capillaris, a thin collagenous membrane, surrounding the endothelial tube.
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