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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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At the same time, winds from a more westerly component, which can advect moisture more easily into the Interior of Alaska, have been reduced.
The LCB measurement strategy using the current scan geometry and lidar capabilities is well suited to capture lower wind speed cases, which allow sampling a feature several times before it advects out of the domain, but this scan geometry is not suited to high wind speed cases, where a feature may advect out of the domain before it is properly sampled.
But this actually advects vast amounts of tropical moisture into the high and dry regions of Denver and Cheyenne.
For the past six weeks we have seen the monotonous repetition of a synoptic pattern that advects cold air from very far south, push it up the Mozambican channel where it meets its northern neighbour, the low pressure area over the western Indian Ocean, collects vast amounts of moisture, and conveys this back over the continent in a wide arch all the way from Mozambique, across Zambia and the DRC into Angola.
These are the Pacific storm track (i), which advects cyclones towards Alaska from the southwest; the Alberta (ii) and the Colorado (iii) storm tracks, which bring systems from the lee of the Rocky Mountains to eastern Canada and northward into the eastern Archipelago; and the Eastern United States track (iv), which advects storms from the eastern seaboard to the northeast around the eastern shores of Greenland.
NCAR also deploys a 9-km implementation of WRF-Solar for the 6-h time frame as well as the Multi-Sensor Advective Diffusive foreCast (MADCast) system, which assimilates infrared irradiances from multiple satellite instruments and advects those derived clouds with the dynamic core of WRF (Auligne 2014a,b).
As the airmass above southern Africa rotates anti-clockwise, it advects moisture across Namibia but from the north east, i.
1), which advects the vog first northward and then eastward toward the leeward coast (Leopold 1949; Schroeder 1981; Kodama and Businger 1998).