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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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In the center of the experimental area was installed and instrumented one micrometeorological tower of 10 meters high, with a "fetch" higher than 1:100, in the wind predominant direction to avoid that the advective effects would interfere in the measurements carried out in the orchard (GAVILAN; BERENGENA, 2007).
To utilize heat transfer correlation equations to estimate the plume mean velocity (U ) and area (A), a number of dimensionless equations used to characterize the advective conditions created were identified and reduced.
Based on shoreward increase in U in the Cambrian Alum Shales in Scandinavia, Schovsbo (2002) suggested that synsedimentary U enrichment had been controlled by a more efficient advective transport of U in those settings.
The original earth coupling system was designed around a ten percent advective flow to a detention / absorption pond with automatic on-command bleed during temperature extremes.
The heat going into or out of a marine basin or a certain area in the sea through ocean currents or precipitation (rainfall) is called advective heat.
Alteration of flow, regardless of source, can in turn influence temperatures of floodplain soil through its influence on patterns of hyporheic flow and associated advective heat-exchange (Gerecht et al.
The solution of this problem was implemented using six CUDA kernels, the same as the previous problem and two additional ones for the evaluation of the advective and diffusive terms of the energy equation.
Logan, Increased power generation in a continuous flow MFC with advective flow through the porous anode and reduced electrode spacing.
8 MPa) within modelled domain does not cause mechanical effect on repository and rock structures; (2) significant levels of gas saturation are reached in the interfaces and access drift, minor amount of free gas concentrates in some parts of the EDZ, no free gas is detected in undisturbed clay rocks; (3) most of generated gas is transported in gas phase by advective flow while remaining part is dissolved and is transported by diffusion into the clay rock.
We assumed that the chemicals are used widely and that advective loss from one regional environment is compensated for by advective inflow from a neighboring region.
While we expect that advective processes are important throughout the winter in Jones Sound, the horizontal length scales of water properties are sufficiently great that the continuous exchange of waters beneath our sampling station was not reflected in the T-S properties, but only in changes in depth-averaged salinity as compared with changes in ice thickness.
The temperature rise can thus be attributed to advective heat transport caused by water flowing into the soil cracks.
2007) developed a three-dimensional GHE model in the FRACTure[R] environment that can accurately simulate the advective thermal transport in the U-tube using special one-dimensional tube elements surrounded by three-dimensional matrix elements.
Characterizing the impact of diffusive and advective soil gas transport on the measurement and interpretation of the isotopic signal of soil respiration.