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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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These models corroborate with the air streams of the figures 2B and 2C that shows the influence of the advective term in the transport of thermal energy.
Vertical profiles of specific humidity advective flux show a virtual lack of advection in January in continental Europe (grids W, N, KRK, and E).
These physicochemical factors affect the porosity which, in turn, modifies the hydraulic conductivity of the sediment and feedback on the advective transport of solutes.
During the second visit to Shaktoolik and Gambell, we also asked the five interviewees to comment on photographs we had taken of the in situ slush-ice berm formed in November 2013 and photographs taken by residents of the advective slush-ice berm formed during the storm of 2009.
Logan, "Increased power generation in a continuous flow MFC with advective flow through the porous anode and reduced electrode spacing," Environmental Science and Technology, vol.
It is also recommended that the detailed field survey is required to determine the exact advective and dispersive solute transport parameters for more accurate results of MT3D model.
Genetic connectivity of Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus argus, between advective and retentive oceanographic environments.
This methodology considers that the difference between the water vapor pressure gradients has major influence on the acquisition of p when compared with the other elements that might interfere in the turbulent nature of ET, as the advective effects, respecting the recommended minimum "fetch" (GAVILAN; BERENGENA, 2007).
Tsang, "On a least-squares finite element method for advective transport in air pollution modeling," Atmospheric Environment, vol.
Clearly, given a non-canonical form of one of the equations of the hierarchy (with advective and dispersive coefficients [epsilon] and [delta], respectively), we can always choose characteristic scales l, [tau], and V such that the rescaling given in Eq.
VARIETIES: The polar vortex destroyed most of the vinifera early in the winter due to the effect of Advective Freezing.
To utilize heat transfer correlation equations to estimate the plume mean velocity (U ) and area (A), a number of dimensionless equations used to characterize the advective conditions created were identified and reduced.
Based on shoreward increase in U in the Cambrian Alum Shales in Scandinavia, Schovsbo (2002) suggested that synsedimentary U enrichment had been controlled by a more efficient advective transport of U in those settings.