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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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The automatic and periodic advective bleed function is always designed into a Standing Column Well, ref v.
This flux is the arithmetic sum of short-wave radiant flux, net long-wave radiant flux, sensible heat flux, vaporization latent heat flux, and advective heat flux.
Characterizing the impact of diffusive and advective soil gas transport on the measurement and interpretation of the isotopic signal of soil respiration.
Nonetheless, it is useful as a valuable "base-line'' against which to evaluate thermal histories of more dynamic advective and convective systems where movement of liquids facilitates heat transfer.
Estimates of sensible and latent heat fluxes, ground heat flux, canopy heat storage, and advective heat transport are obtained from the AEMN insolation, temperature, humidity, soil temperature profile, ground cover, and wind observations.
The total motion can be perceived as being either advective or dispersive.
Advection refers to the average bulk movement of the solute in the flowing ground water and dispersion describes solute spreading about the mean displacement position caused by local, irregular advective displacements and molecular diffusion.
This granular advective term for heat transfer in the heated chamber resulted in a more rapid rise in overall bed temperature compared to plug-like conditions.
Because seepage wetlands have high advective and dispersive flux, we installed 4 large lysimeters made up of pulyvinyl chloride (PVC) (0.
The presence of the advective term (rx - b(t, x))[V.
1[degrees]C increase in leaf temperature even during a severe advective freeze (Davies, 1980).
and attenuating flow, which decreases advective transport of particulate
Clean sediment overburden mitigates PCB mobilization via advective, diffusive, and microbial processes by acting as a barrier to the release of the contaminants to overlying waters.