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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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For example, by recognizing areas where "boxes" are created with the 850-hPa height contours and isotherms, a participant can pinpoint areas of cold and warm air advection. In comparison, participants who lacked this pattern-recognition skill instead identified broad areas east and west of a trough or broad areas along warm and cold fronts.
In this paper, we find that our FFD implementation with a first-order upwind advection scheme, can achieve comparable accuracy to CFD while maintaining its speed advantage for data center plenum applications.
Too frequent westerly advection was also found over Europe (except during the summer season; Figure 6(b)).
In [7], the authors introduce the central difference approximation that gives some negative concentration in the neighboring cell due to a large advection flux.
Carbonate and calcium ions are then transported upwards and downwards by diffusion and potentially upwards by compaction-induced advection. Under propitious saturation conditions, the ions precipitate as calcite, thus cementing a portion of the sediment atop the ADZ.
There will be mainly clear skies and relatively cold weather at night over most of Oman with chances of clouds advection and isolated rain along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.
In addition to the passage of ITCZ over the region, the weather balloon launched from Hamad International Airport on Tuesday dawn indicated the presence of relative cold advection in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which helped the formation of thundery clouds with scattered light to moderate rain.
The interface-capturing method places a grid to cover the domain where the interface is assumed to pass through during a calculation, and an interface is captured by the advection calculation of a function representing the interface.
Other than undergoing advection and diffusion, the effluent may also experience radioactive decay as well as wet deposition and dry deposition.
The assumption of (1) defined that the advection and diffusion in y-direction are laterally averaged.
Numerical simulation for the variable-order Galilei invariant advection diffusion equation with a nonlinear source term.
Further, we assume that lead, because of its particulate form, will diffuse through the air, assumed to be homogeneous, and be transported by wind advection. Our initial and boundary conditions are approximately chosen to simulate data for Jersey City, keeping the simplistic 3D-City model.
In Section 4, the basic equation (1.1) will be extended to allow for advection effects.