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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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Although advecting black holes don't emit much radiation, their feeble spectra do match the overall intensity pattern of the background radiation.
It is only once the high pressure cell behind it makes landfall, that the airflow swings around advecting very cold air from far south across the entire country.
Occasional showers spread also to the south as the upper level vortex formed advecting a band of moist air into its circulation, providing energy which helped trigger its departure: A trite unusual for the time of year, but with some support from the equally valuable and active anticyclonic cores proceeding along their more southerly tracks between some 38 and 45oS.
As interesting and unusual as all this may be, the other factor which evolved emphasized the ready ability for a moderately favourable pattern (throughout the lower and middle layers) to become overtly active in advecting moist air into and across Namibia.
A slow anti-cyclonic circulation over southern Angola lead to north-westerly winds over the north western third of Namibia, advecting some moisture ahead of a trough that was then still over the Atlantic.
The final days of 2012 saw an active Tropical Convergence belt close to our northern borders coupled with an ability to tap some of this airmass and advecting into and across northern and central Namibia.
It also provides a reservoir of moist air from which adjacent advecting airflows can tap and bring such moisture further south.
The further outlook maintains a generally northwest bias throughout the week, while active synoptics far to the south see recurrent ridges reappearing and advecting their lower level moisture into the sub continent.