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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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The direction of maximum wind gust for each month is also attained and defined as the direction of maximum wind gust from which the wind blows, with the value of 360[degrees]indicating winds advecting from true north.
Fluid velocities are greatest above and below the fold hinge of wedge sequences, driving warm waters towards the diapir in the bottom of the permeable interval and advecting heat away from the diapir in the top of that interval.
after advecting a very small line segment, |dX| ~O ([10.sup.-6]) at X, with an initial orientation vector M to its current length |dX| and orientation vector m (5).
Williams (1993) suggested that boundary fluctuation of the hyporheic/groundwater interface was probably the direct result of variation in the upward force of base flow and the downward force of advecting channel water.
"We are saying that the [Milky Way's black hole] is dim because it's advecting," says Narayan.
Notice that, the divergent wind east of the Atlantic center flows eastwards (i.e., with northwesterly dominance, Figure 8(a)) in the lower troposphere and crosses Congo, thereby advecting moist wind towards the study area.
It is only once the high pressure cell behind it makes landfall, that the airflow swings around advecting very cold air from far south across the entire country.
Tilting fluctuation of isotherms originating from the tidal and wind motion of surface waters should induce a gentle upwelling into the shallows of the southern plain (El Remate) advecting the anoxic and hydrogen sulfide-rich bottom layer, where shellfish banks ate located (Felix-Pico 1987).
Cold outbreaks and frost risk in SWWA are often associated with a positive MSLP anomaly over the Indian Ocean west of Australia and a negative MSLP anomaly across southern and southeastern Australia, advecting cold air from the south of Australia over SWWA (Ashcroft et al.
The convective systems were embedded in an instable environment (high K index, high Total Totals, low Showalter, and high wind shear) with an intense and persistent South American low-level jet (SALLJ) (east of the Andes) advecting heat and moisture from the Amazon Basin into Southeastern Brazil.
Occasional showers spread also to the south as the upper level vortex formed advecting a band of moist air into its circulation, providing energy which helped trigger its departure: A trite unusual for the time of year, but with some support from the equally valuable and active anticyclonic cores proceeding along their more southerly tracks between some 38 and 45oS.
Figure 5(a) shows that RH2 exceeded 95% southeast of BTH but was low in the Taihang and Yanshan Mountains, which is attributable to the fact that water vapor content is less at higher altitudes and that a strong northwest wind was advecting dry and cold air over the two mountain ranges.