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In most of these studies, larvae were captured from the water column using a plankton net or water pump, suggesting at least some portion of larvae are vertically distributed in the water column where they may be advected from sources in other locations.
A schematic of rear surface contamination mechanisms tyre spray is advected into the base wake as a consequence of the aerodynamic interaction between rear wheel wakes and vehicle base wake [23].
Taylor's hypothesis is also referred to as the "frozen turbulence" hypothesis, in which fields of "frozen eddies" are advected by the local flow at the advection speed [W.
First of all, although decaying as advected by the main flow due to viscous dissipation, the vortex structure persists over a length of at least ten times the VG height.
Given a small time interval dt, the equally located particles in the initial tracers are advected.
In this model an ocean surface is treated as a composite surface which contains two scales of waves: the large and small scales, with the latter being tilted, advected and modulated by the former.
Ice categories are advected in the thickness space without any limits, except that the thinnest category is not allowed to exceed 10 cm.
In years when the Mediterranean SST is warmer than average, increased evaporation leads to enhanced moisture content in the lower troposphere that is advected southwards into the Sahel by the low-level mean flow across the eastern Sahara.
f which is defined as fluid volume indicator across the interface is a function of space and time, which is advected in the flow field according to
eff] is a volume-weighted average thermal conductivity of the saturated water/soil/rock matrix and is necessary to distinguish between the thermal conductivity and thermal capacity of the water and soil/rock to account for the fact that heat is stored and conducted through both the water and rock, but heat is only advected by the water.
The general observed Pe stabilising effect is, because the rolls are advected towards the downstream and the entrance domain effect increases.
The resulting trajectories are, thus, not truly Lagrangian: they are not passively advected by the velocity fields and basically represent motion of objects that are slightly lighter than the surrounding water (such as oil in otherwise calm conditions) or objects which are confined to the upper layer by other constraints (for example, lost containers).
The Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN) affirmed that the latest satellite images and numerical prediction charts indicate that bands of different types of clouds predicted to be advected from the Arabian Sea towards the Governorate of Dhofar, Regions of Al Wusta and Al Sharqiyah, which may appear varyingly till Friday July 9th 2010.
At the lowest order the particles are advected along the magnetic lines.
2008), and fertilized eggs are advected upstream where they eventually hatch into pelagic larvae and settle to benthic nursery habitats during fall (Bacheler et al.