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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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where [P.sub.e] [equivalent to] [a.sub.0] [phi][v.sub.0]/D is a wellbore-centric radial flow Peclet number fixing the ratio of advected heat flow [r.sub.0][phi][v.sub.0] to thermal conduction heat flow parameter D.
Further, the northwest flank of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago is a source of ice islands, which may be entrained in the Beaufort Sea gyre and advected southward towards the lease blocks in the southern Beaufort Sea (e.g., Sackinger et al., 1991).
Larvae spawned upstream would be advected downstream into the survey area by high wet-season inflows, or the spawning population may have expanded downstream during the wet season.
Eggs released at the boundary had a time lag before fertilization could occur (the exponential section of the curves) because there were no upstream males and eggs had to be advected downstream to encounter sperm.
The temporal changes of phase and amplitude of the signal are based on the use of an LES snapshot, advected by local wind velocity, and with the assumption of linear changes of all the LES parameters between two successive snapshots.
This storm system had a tap of Pacific moisture being advected into the target area from southern Oregon producing a prolonged column of deep saturated air over the target area.
Although sperm being released by any one colony is diluted as it is advected downstream, the integrated effect of spawning by many male colonies may generate a sufficiently high density of sperm to account for the observed fertilization success.
The long-term average amount of freshwater advected through Fram Strait (mainly as sea ice) was estimated by Aagaard and Carmack (1989) to be 125 000 [m.sup.3]/s relative to a salinity of 34.93, which they took as an average salinity for the Greenland, Iceland, and Norwegian seas.
If, at the first occurrence of fog, the temperature profile within the fog is saturated adiabatic (and thus is deep fog), this may be an indication that it has not developed in situ but was of nonlocal origin and advected over the site.
The Edwards Plateau in Texas and southward along the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico acts as a barrier as the arctic air near the surface is differentially advected parallel to, diverted around, and enhanced by differential upslope flow relative to the terrain.
This system did however advected substantial amounts of surface moisture over the far South leading to widespread but light rain from the coastal plain all across the south to as far east as Noordoewer and Keetmanshoop.
Less dissolved oxygen diffuses or is advected by bioturbation into the sediment to meet the increased consumption, resupply is exceeded at a shallower level in the sediment profile, and the sulfide-generating stratum moves upward toward the sediment-water interface (Kristiansen et al.
This surplus is likely to be advected away by currents and could contribute greatly to gene flow between populations if sperm remain viable during their journey.
The fact that the GB sea ice is instead advected from Lancaster Sound and Baffin Bay makes these two study regions potentially different in their response to Arctic climate change.