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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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However, some species are regularly advected offshore, entrained into the Gulf Stream, and exported northwards (e.
1991, Dame 1996), and the limiting nature of advected food delivery to bivalves relative to their consumption is well founded in the literature (Wildish & Kristmanson 1979, Incze et al.
Into this low pressure area, moisture is advected to support the convective process.
1998), recent observations demonstrate that patches of blue crab larvae maintain a well defined structure, even when advected to areas of the continental shelf where circulation patterns favor dissipation (Natunewicz et al.
Survey and ocean modeling studies show that larvae and early juveniles are advected by the Alaska Current towards the Shumagin Islands (Hinckley et al.
Some cooler air was advected into the southern half.
It is possible that prey in the water column is advected toward them along the canyon wall (Isaacs and Schwartzlose, 1965; Genin et al.
The cause for this departure from the understood norm is that with anticyclonic cores that much further south, the input of warm sub-tropical air to intensify vortex development is increased while compensatory drive of advected polar air to accelerate undercutting the warmer air increase commensurately.
Larvae spawned on the Northeast Peak recruit to the central part of the Bank as they develop and are advected from there along its southern flank (Lough and Bolz 1989), whereas some larvae spawned throughout the Great South Channel are advected along the northern flank, with the result that there is some mixing between progeny.
An astonishing weather pattern south of Cape (Thursday's cirrus was the departing high air vestige) ran its course and colder air was advected into Namibia.
North-south-north flows with some moisture too, usually dictate quite rapid movement so, while a deep cold air flow can be advected inland, but given the high mobility of systems, long cold spells are not expected.
We have also seen tropical cyclones active in latitudes from where moist maritime air should be advected towards the daytime heat of our south and west.
Our southern African geography is conducive to weather patterns and resultant airflows which are fed on the lower levels with maritime air being advected towards the heated interior and also tapping the fringes, at least, of the Congo airmass.
As this system shifts to Mozambique, mid-level moisture is advected from the north bringing in a band of cloud from the Kaokoveld southeast to the northern Kalahari.
On their leading edges they force cold air north, and as they slip to the east, warm air is advected on their trailing edges.