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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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Elevated freshwater inflows can advect larvae downstream and away from oyster reefs, thus creating a spatial gap between larval distribution and settlement habitats.
Then, when a periodic (tidal) current is superimposed on this, it might advect particles from one cell to the next.
Eggs released close to the extreme end of the spawning ground are less likely to be sufficiently fertilized, because the range where the eggs may become fertilized is shorter and many eggs may advect out of the spawning ground unfertilized.
Changing climate conditions can alter currents that advect fish eggs and larvae to or away from nursery areas, thus affecting recruitment.
Only from Monday onwards, does the high pressure core shifts enough to the east to resume the anti-cyclonic flow at the surface over northern Mozambique, Zambia and Angola to advect Congo air to the northern half of Namibia.
Upper air flows remain favourable to advect some moist air.
The adjacent Torrid belt has arrived within its assumed latitudes of activity: some 10[degrees]N, across the Equator extending to some 15[degrees]S, with airflow patterns ready to advect vertical levels into and across southern Africa.
This ridge enabling the upper vortex to slide just ahead as the core moved to the east ensuring the airflow around the ridge to advect cold, moist air from far south of the continent.
The effect was to advect some moisture from the maritime source west of the continent (not a rich source really) while the core to the east could attract an inflow round its north-side toward Namibia in the lower layers.
It appears the faded resonance from the wobbly Pacific found a base elsewhere around the world, opposing ability to advect moist air into our skies.
A passing anticyclonic core at surface and between 35 and 40[degrees]S passes quickly by the weekend, but is limited in its ability to advect moist air to the interior.