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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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2007) but are usually advected back into the estuaries to settle, which is facilitated by physical oceanographic processes and vertical migration into surface waters on flood tides (e.g., Metcalf et al.
The larvae in the offshore water column are advected from north to south along the coast in a flow field suggestive of the southward-flowing component of the California Current.
Although confirming a common suspicion, Rosenblatt and Waples provided the first unequivocal evidence of larval reef fish being advected across water gaps as large as 5000 km, resulting in genetic cohesion of stocks on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.
Tidal currents not only advect (transport) plankton, pollutants, and other floatables, but, if for some reason (usually related to variable water depth) the tidal currents show a variation in strength or direction, this variation itself is advected by the tidal current.
As an example, precipitation rate in single-moment microphysics schemes [those most commonly used in global circulation/climate models (GCMs), which advect hydrometeor mass only] varies significantly among schemes.
This area is selected due to the average zonal flow across the area from west to east; therefore, the stratospheric perturbation should likely advect out of the domain and not impact in a realistic way the features of importance in the domain such as the tropical and midlatitude cyclones.
For example, when they occur, easterly winds promote upwelling and advect nutrient-rich water onto the shelf near Cape Bathurst and along the shelf break (Williams and Carmack, 2008).
Marine organisms that inhabit isolated islands are faced with limited adult habitat and with marine currents that advect larvae away from the source population; some species have probably developed mechanisms for population maintenance, but these remain largely unknown at the present time.
from Mozambique to Angola, surface and middle layer airflow will continue to advect some moisture.
Fortunately fog does not advect very far inland, so it's a matter of having enough fuel on board and knowing how to get to an alternate further inland.
The high productivity of the California Current (CC) is primarily the result of local wind-driven seasonal upwelling and the interaction of alongshore currents with prominent coastal features such as capes, headlands, and bays that advect upwelled water masses into complex patterns of offshore filaments and coastal retentive eddies (Davis, 1985; Gan and Allen, 2002).
For this wheel to advect moisture from Angola, its core needs to shift east and slightly north.
Specifically, we assess if (1) El Nino produces fog containing higher precipitable water due to warmer SST and (2) El Nino induced wind circulation is favorable to advect this fog into the coastal regions.
Because freshwater inflow has the potential to advect larvae either toward or away from oyster reef settlement habitats, we compared the monthly distributions and abundances of larvae and postsettlement stages in Estero Bay, FL, under variable inflows during a 2-y period.