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convey by horizontal mass movement of a fluid

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Then, when a periodic (tidal) current is superimposed on this, it might advect particles from one cell to the next.
Marine organisms that inhabit isolated islands are faced with limited adult habitat and with marine currents that advect larvae away from the source population; some species have probably developed mechanisms for population maintenance, but these remain largely unknown at the present time.
from Mozambique to Angola, surface and middle layer airflow will continue to advect some moisture.
Fortunately fog does not advect very far inland, so it's a matter of having enough fuel on board and knowing how to get to an alternate further inland.
1997), there is also evidence that some of these same processes can actually advect larvae offshore (D'Alessandro et al.
At the same time, winds from a more westerly component, which can advect moisture more easily into the Interior of Alaska, have been reduced.
Under these warmer-than-normal SST conditions, it should have been possible to advect sufficient moisture to support precipitation (Zheng et al.
For this wheel to advect moisture from Angola, its core needs to shift east and slightly north.
Because freshwater inflow has the potential to advect larvae either toward or away from oyster reef settlement habitats, we compared the monthly distributions and abundances of larvae and postsettlement stages in Estero Bay, FL, under variable inflows during a 2-y period.
Changing climate conditions can alter currents that advect fish eggs and larvae to or away from nursery areas, thus affecting recruitment.
When the Central Arctic pack ice moves against the Archipelago coast, multiyear ice can (and does) advect into McClure Strait and from there into the northern portion of M'Clintock Channel.
This system was typical of synoptic patterns associated with Australian heatwaves, which advect hot air from the continental interior to the region(s) affected (Pezza et al.
Only from Monday onwards, does the high pressure core shifts enough to the east to resume the anti-cyclonic flow at the surface over northern Mozambique, Zambia and Angola to advect Congo air to the northern half of Namibia.
Another possible explanation for the continual settlement at Anclote is that winds and currents can work together to export larvae from natal seagrass areas and advect them long distances to their final settlement site.