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Synonyms for advantageous

Synonyms for advantageous

Antonyms for advantageous

giving an advantage

appropriate for achieving a particular end

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To assess whether participants gradually made less risky decisions, selecting a greater number of cards from the advantageous decks, the net score was calculated by subtracting the number of poor selections from the number of good selections: [(C+D) - (A+B)].
Their findings indicate that it would take roughly 80,000 years for a highly advantageous combination of genes in 100 fertile adults living in eastern Africa to spread to eastern Asia through diffusion, if there were 100 comparably sized H.
165 theft-loss deduction can be more advantageous than a mere capital loss:
This is most advantageous with odd-shaped, over-sized and neck-to-neck type containers, according to the company.
What in the days of physical meetings and in-person presentations would be considered "poor" times to make major announcements now can be advantageous.
The authors speculate that yogurt and milk could be advantageous for bone health, while hard and processed cheeses would be less advantageous due to their higher levels of sodium.
The pitcher who has two pitches is in an advantageous position.
will give an overview of the advantageous financing by the company of its projects.
He said that the 14th meeting of the Moroccan-Senegalese joint Commission, to be held soon in Dakar, will offer an additional opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation "so as to make it more fruitful, always innovative and mutually advantageous.
This polymer technology is said to be extremely advantageous, as it couples the inherent processability and functional advantages of SBCs with a number of performance properties typically associated with thermoset polyurethane and natural rubber adhesive systems, according to the company.
Bassuk, "Wachovia and Fannie Mae were extremely responsive and provided the proceeds requested by the Borrower on highly advantageous terms.
Gallenstein and similar cases can be highly advantageous to those who qualify.
In a classroom setting, however, this could be advantageous because the brevity of the selections could persuade a student to read the complete work in order to find out how the adventure concludes.
Increasing the concentration of solids in black liquor would be economically advantageous, but it would also increase the viscosity.
They get to a point in the cycle of the business that it's advantageous to move for other reasons,'' he said,