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Synonyms for advantageous

Synonyms for advantageous

Antonyms for advantageous

giving an advantage

appropriate for achieving a particular end

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More than likely because of the nature of their work, it would be much more cost advantageous to go with a severe-duty or solid type tire," he says.
In Eswaran's scenario, an advantageous combination of genes spread among ancient hunter-gatherer groups that inhabited overlapping regions of eastern Africa.
Section 165(c)(2) theft loss deductions can be more advantageous than capital loss ones for the following reasons:
G] employs a liquid displacement method of pore size analysis, which is a standard in many industries and has proven to be an advantageous, inert, solution over hazardous techniques such as mercury porosimetry.
165 permits advantageous tax treatment as compared to the familiar Sec.
Comrade Camejo argued: "In the process of an insurrection, terrorist acts may be advantageous to the workers movement.
This property could be advantageous in isolating transducer or actuator problems from temperature control problems in a rheometer.
Furthermore, personality traits deemed advantageous for learning online (extroversion, intuition, thinking, and judging) did not appear to impact achievement, and yet, student satisfaction with online learning was greater among those who indicated at least three of the four advantageous learning preferences.
By becoming a branch of the RMAA, the chapter believes its members will be better able to travel to educational events, plus a more advantageous currency exchange rate will make membership more affordable.
This is most advantageous with odd-shaped, over-sized and neck-to-neck type containers, according to the company.
What in the days of physical meetings and in-person presentations would be considered "poor" times to make major announcements now can be advantageous.
The authors speculate that yogurt and milk could be advantageous for bone health, while hard and processed cheeses would be less advantageous due to their higher levels of sodium.
The pitcher who has two pitches is in an advantageous position.