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Synonyms for advancement

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Synonyms for advancement

a progression upward in rank

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Synonyms for advancement

encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something

gradual improvement or growth or development

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She highlighted the launch of the Princess Sabeeka Global Award for Women's Empowerment at the UN headquarters in March 2019, noting that the award reflects Bahrain's serious desire to carry on its women advancement efforts.
In his new role, Grourke will be responsible for leading the Advancement team, and the development and implementation of The American College's advancement efforts for sustainable long-term growth in unrestricted, restricted and endowment funds.
'Asiana Airlines has improved its safe flight operations with the first phase advancement of FOQA.
He said the pharmaceutical landscape in Pakistan has seen a healthy growth over the time and technological advancements were required to encourage exports.
Advancement, unlike indemnification, gives a director an immediate source to pay these ongoing expenses as incurred with one important caveat.
This time around, I am sure the elevator business is on the rise, but I was thinking about advancement on my recent ride.
This year, SXU's Office of University Advancement helped make a family's holiday a little brighter, while making their burdens a little lighter all to bring a fresh start to the new year.
New services offered include Learning House International, which was created through the acquisition of Education for Advancement.
This study provides an overview of academic career advancement, competence development and its relation with career advancement in Malaysian private universities.
Steve Gamer was appointed to the newly created position of vice president of advancement at The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.
The University of Arkansas announced last week that Chris Wyrick, vice chancellor for university advancement, had stepped down and will be replaced by Mark Power, effective immediately.
They considered five groups of factors that go into making a city a good spot to embark on a lifetime of work: job prospects, pay potential, quality of life, social opportunities and career advancement. Examining 18 different variables within those categories, they then evaluated how each city placed relative to the others.
Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of the Qatar Energy Industry Mr.
West Palm Beach, FL, June 04, 2014 --( Weiss Research today announced the launch of the company's new education division, known as The Weiss Center for Investor Advancement. The purpose of The Weiss Center for Investor Advancement is to fill the current perceived void of high-level education in the investing and trading marketplace, specifically in the wealth building and wealth preservation phases.
These findings are important, because they help to explain the gender gap in advancement and salary.
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