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the word class that qualifies verbs or clauses

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Social media accounts utilized by employees of the advisor or unregistered affiliates that are not subject to the advisor's control need not be disclosed on Form ADV. However, social media accounts controlled by the advisor are required to be disclosed, even if they are not used to promote the advisor's business.
We believe that the partial liver defect is not a mere coincidence in the presence of ADV. This is because the liver and DV development are closely related.
having an essential need for light [] phossentially adv. phossence n.
In Australia and Hong Kong, for example, it occurs around 10-25% ADV, whereas in Japan it is 50-100% ADV.
Carling Academy, 7pm, pounds 13.50 adv. Taking Back Sunday is a punk-ish emo band that, not surprisingly, takes its cues from godfathers All and NOFX.
Regional Diploma 13 hours none Adv. Regional Diploma 21 hours none National Youth Diploma 21 hours none National Diploma 50 hours 6 hours Adv.
Funding for the new system will come from filing fees paid by advisers to NASDR when they submit an application for registration and file their annual amendment to their Forms ADV. (The SEC must approve any changes in fees.)
June commodity ADV declined 14% year to year, despite an 18% increase in Brent ADV and a 7% increase in Other Oil ADV. Financial ADV decreased 33% due primarily to continued low volatility.
Carling Academy, 7pm, pounds 8 adv. Another hugely tipped band for 2006.
Ages: 13-17 Levels: Int, adv. Audition required: Yes.
Torrance, CA 90505 800-262-4671 Contact: (Soundsystems/loudspeakers) Adv. p.
Average daily volume in VIX futures was 183,612 contracts during March, a 14% increase from March 2013 and a 15% decrease from February's record ADV.