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Synonyms for adust

dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight

Related Words

burned brown by the sun

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There is another sort which is called choler adust or atrabile, of which Aristotle said that it made man exceeding wise...
The Halloween-themed evening will feature headline metal act Adust plus support from I Hate You More and Martyr de Mona.
Maguire joins PS50million winger Aaron Wan-Bissaka aDUsts and PS15m winger Daniel James as United's new signings, the trio taking Solskjaer's spending to PS145m.
Highlights Orders (in units): 58 Falcons 66 Falcons Deliveries (in units): 11 Rafaes Operating margin : 13,9% Adusted net income * : 524 million [euro] (366 million [euro], excluding Thales) * neutralization of THALES Purchase Price Allocation amortization and of the change in fair value of derivative exchange instruments which do not qualify for hedge accounting.
The effect of soil moisture on thermal performance was studied by varying the volumetric water content and solving for the adusted thermophysical properties.
The superior fish performance observed in the C: N ratio adusted tanks may be explained by their better water quality (less TAN and nitrite) and greater availability of natural food (bioflocs) to fish (Correia et al., 2014; Ekasari et al., 2015; Poli, Schveitzer, & Nuner, 2015).
Data series were adusted to express spending in real (or constant) dollars.
Additionally, the product length can be adusted on the touch screen and up to 50 products can be stored in the machine's memory.
* Adusted for age, primagravidity, and preterm delivery.
Most of these studies adusted for smoking history the most important potential confounder for lung cancer.