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  • verb

Synonyms for adumbrate

to draw up a preliminary plan or version of

to make dark or darker

Synonyms for adumbrate

describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

give to understand

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Taminiaux sketches Husserl's emerging conception of the reduction and criticizes certain Cartesian assumptions that Husserl retains even after the reduction, and specifically the assumption that directly experienced mental acts and states are not given in adumbrations but present themselves as they are.
Again, the same amassing of close detail, skill in spotting connections, echoes, and adumbrations sometimes decades apart, and an ear for nuance and awareness of contexts were all deployed in his most ambitious undertaking.
Daniel Breslauer in "The Vegetarian Alternative: Biblical Adumbrations, Modern Reverberations" maintains that the Bible and modern Jewish writing state the acceptance of both meat and meal offerings in order to "save life," an interpretation that, in his opinion, breaks the simple binary opposition of a structuralist analysis.
It is a rag-bag of conventional moral precept and exhortation, practical advice about erecting tents and tracking wild animals, ex-cathedra statements and adumbrations of rules, historical (or rather, pseudo-historical) anecdotes, descriptions of games and even short one-act plays.
Perhaps most interestingly, there are adumbrations of a multipolar multilateralism in U.
Inspired by this image of kaleidoscopic gems, he elevates to a new trope: he envisions the blades as phantom adumbrations of leaves.
Hedeman's book extends her early adumbrations of the topic which appeared in the early 1990s.
By seeking a republic that hides under the form of a monarchy, he is not alone among our English Machiavellians in the adumbrations of that awkward political phenomenon soon to be noted by Montesquieu in his view of the English political scene.
Till 30 Apr: "Globi In The Museum," original drawings and drafts of the Globi books, adumbrations and other things of the Globi collection, Spielzeugmuseum Depuoz, Englisch-viertelstrasse 19b
Building on Bowen's study, Kilcourse probes Guardini's contribution to O'Connor's Christology more deeply to find adumbrations of a "Christology from below.
Similarly, the ubiquitous presence of crucifixes and crosses in town and country provided visual adumbrations of the suffering Christ.
My aim is to show that those elementary forms that shape the emotions are all programmes of activity, culturally given forms for adumbrations of social process.
These elements are at the very least intimations or adumbrations of the ecumenical mantra of koinonia.
Like many of the Jews of Paul's day, Paul sometimes understood scriptural texts as adumbrations of later events.
But I assumed there would be a worldly reward, a permanent order of recognition, a clear and continuous placement of my work in the critical adumbrations of the establishing world.