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  • verb

Synonyms for adumbrate

to draw up a preliminary plan or version of

to make dark or darker

Synonyms for adumbrate

describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

give to understand

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Taking Italo Calvino at his word when he adumbrated, in Six Memos for the New Millennium, six "virtues" that literature should embrace, Chassay invokes those virtues ("lightness," "quickness," "exactitude," "visibility," "multiplicity," and "consistency") in order and deploys them in a variety of interesting ways.
For this reason, Bolufer suggests, the study of Enlightenment ideas concerning women is also an exercise in revisionist historiography, to the extent that such an examination can permit a more adumbrated conceptualization of period notions such as a public-private dichotomy, "reform," or the very luces that we permit to condition our categorization of the eighteenth century (399-400).
Steps in that direction were skillfully adumbrated by Sir Richard Livingstone when he laid out a vi ew of education resting on the kind of conception of human nature we must return to if the house of education is to be restored.
Thus, the public debate on pain/torture central to the enlightened enterprise was adumbrated by surgeons who "socialized" and endowed it with essentially negative messages.
Normally I distrust psychoprofiles, but the picture of a psychopathic personality as adumbrated here is convincing, and consistent with all the observable facts.
The modest comedic ambitions of Live Bait, with its adumbrated visual style, gave way in Dirty to a darker, more complex view of human relationships; and as he started to dig deeper into the psyches of his characters, his camera movements and use of locations showed that he was upping the ante on the visual front as well.
However, while the common currency and the financial institutions needed to sustain the currency have been developed, the notion of political union' adumbrated at Maastricht as the corollary of EMU has not moved forward.
It is unfortunate that the study's omission of a conclusion foists on its reader the cognitive incompleteness meted out to cuckolds in the novels of the time, for whereas the coda intrinsically interesting, it merely opens up new areas, in a Dom Juanesque display of appetite for its subject, but the theoretical ambitions adumbrated in the introduction thus remain unachieved, desires temptingly forever on the point of fruition.
The humor and satiric elements that are bandied around during the course of the play - on literature, religion, love, fidelity, politics, time spans, and old age - although adumbrated centuries before, nonetheless keep the reader alert at all times.
The reasons were adumbrated at the time and in today's fixed-odds preview.
He thereby first adumbrated the position of modern-day liberals on the issue of the destiny of African Americans in the social order of the United States (6-7).
The first published collection dates to 1898; but the much larger number of unpublished versions was adumbrated in 1959, in the first volume of H.
There is little in the above comments that is not mentioned or adumbrated in the Benton Report or indeed in the Aslib report (ASLIB, 1995).
The Via Christi adumbrated above is a way of life, a way of Christ's life.
All of this is presented in a very accessible and readable manner always conscious of the overarching theory adumbrated above.