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  • verb

Synonyms for adumbrate

to draw up a preliminary plan or version of

to make dark or darker

Synonyms for adumbrate

describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

give to understand

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The first two chapters of book two are adumbrated by Horowitz's book Understanding Toscanini: How he became an American culture-god and helped create a new audience for old music (New York: Alfred A.
In other words, If He Hollers Let Him Go has just enough similarities with "canonical" migrant narratives like Native Son (Margolies's work of criticism is titled Native Son) that critics assert the specifics of the novel can be subsumed into the critical apparati adumbrated for other texts.
Steps in that direction were skillfully adumbrated by Sir Richard Livingstone when he laid out a vi ew of education resting on the kind of conception of human nature we must return to if the house of education is to be restored.
In manifold ways, congressional and bureaucratic policy toward "disadvantaged" businesses adumbrated later policy toward disadvantaged minorities and myriad other victim groups, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) itself took up minority preferences as its raison d'etre.
Thus, the public debate on pain/torture central to the enlightened enterprise was adumbrated by surgeons who "socialized" and endowed it with essentially negative messages.
The modest comedic ambitions of Live Bait, with its adumbrated visual style, gave way in Dirty to a darker, more complex view of human relationships; and as he started to dig deeper into the psyches of his characters, his camera movements and use of locations showed that he was upping the ante on the visual front as well.
The humor and satiric elements that are bandied around during the course of the play - on literature, religion, love, fidelity, politics, time spans, and old age - although adumbrated centuries before, nonetheless keep the reader alert at all times.
The reasons were adumbrated at the time and in today's fixed-odds preview.
There is little in the above comments that is not mentioned or adumbrated in the Benton Report or indeed in the Aslib report (ASLIB, 1995).
The Via Christi adumbrated above is a way of life, a way of Christ's life.
All of this is presented in a very accessible and readable manner always conscious of the overarching theory adumbrated above.
2) The criteria for the study of Islamic ethical texts which he adumbrated in his opening chapter (pp.
The raging debates adumbrated in the unlovely phrase "culture wars" acquire a new significance when examined in light of the internal contradictions shadowing the founding and persistence of English departments.
Even more distant from such ideas might seem to be the secular expectations of Marxism; the once fashionable ideas put forward by Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West; or the more reasoned statement of a cyclical theory adumbrated by Arnold Toynbee.