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  • verb

Synonyms for adumbrate

to draw up a preliminary plan or version of

to make dark or darker

Synonyms for adumbrate

describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

give to understand

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This is why his gestures always adumbrate the body or its parts.
Scaliger's Poetices libri septem examine, at length, epic dispositio and adumbrate a theory of suspense.
uncovers the larger pattern of meanings: he convincingly adumbrates how Graham reshaped the traditional evangelical language of revivalism into a moral vocabulary that millions of Americans (evangelicals and others) used to make sense of their private lives and public commitments.
The declaration adumbrates the general framework of the tripartite cooperation.
The author adumbrates the logic of representation (for example, speaking by proxy in politics) and representation (as in art or philosophy through portrait) in a provocative manner.
To the profit motive for businesses standing to profit from the material effects of liturgical and theological change, he adumbrates the innate respect of early modern English people for their civil and ecclesiastical authorities.
Muller's foreword adumbrates the concept of dialogue in rather broad fashion, as motivated either by theological concerns or by the desire to understand religion as a culturally relevant element of society (p.
The volume consists of eight chapters, the first of which adumbrates the theoretical framework, describing in detail the relevant literature (both historical and modern) and the author's readings of it.
Although the latter adumbrates much, but not all, of Skowronek's argument at a level suitable for most undergraduates while adding immensely to Franklin Pierce's name recognition quotient, it falls short of the fuller exposition that graduate students, for example, might require.
Launcelot's guilt at leaving Shylock adumbrates Christians' guilt for their election over the Jews.
A second theme on which he adumbrates is the power, or powerlessness of the Queen, because in the end the book is about the Queen and the British Monarchy.
One of the many virtues of Gil's valuable and consistently interesting book is that it insists upon and adumbrates the possibilities of this resource.
Interweaving the narrative with a young mother searching for meaning and an entomologist whose rationalist diligence leads to the discovery of a new species of moth, Mettler adumbrates an underlying theme in all of his work: the search, as he puts it, for a "balance between intellect and intuition, order and chaos, action and perception.
He not only provides ways to take seriously these largely forgotten poets; he also adumbrates certain pleasures of reading them.
The problem with complexity theory, and one Krugman adumbrates throughout the piece, is the reliance on computer simulation due to the model's lack of an analytical solution.